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  • I love Vanessa Hudgens!!!

    The first time I saw Vanessa on TV was in High School Musical, and she was amazing! I saw her again in High School Musical 2, and of course, she was amazing! I love her character as Gabriella Montez. I love the name Gabriella. I have an 18-year-old sister named Gabriella. I love Vanessa's singing too! She has such a great voice! I cannot wait until her second CD comes out, and I also can't wait until High School Musical 3 comes out!

    You know what? I am so sick and tired of people bashing on her over a stupid picture! She was 16 when she did it, so people should just stop holding these dumb grudges over her. She is an awesome actress and a great person, and she totally does not deserve to be hated because of a little tiny thing she did as a kid. Sorry I blabbed on about it, but I needed to say that. She's awesome! Did she hurt anybody? No! So people should just leave the woman alone!

    Vanessa, don't change. You rock hard!