Vanessa Lindores





7/10/1972 , Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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Vanessa Lindores is a Canadian actress most notably on the television series You Can't Do That On Television.
Vanessa was on the show from 1982 - 1987. She got to make a return appearance in a 1989 episode entitled "Age". The rational for her one episode return was because the episode "Adoption" was banned her contractual fulfillment to the show remained incomplete.
In the 1987 season Vanessa along with co-star Doug Ptolemy got to unofficially share hosting duties. In the 25th anniversary special entitled "Changes aka Project 131", a noticeably pregnant Vanessa along with Brodie Osome, and Marjorie Silcoff hosted the special. When the hosts left it was Vanessa who turned the light off one last time before the studio was permanently sealed.
Over the years rumours began to spread regarding the relationship between Vanessa and Doug Ptolemy. On the show the two would feud quite frequently. Many have suspected that Vanessa and Doug were actually related. Another rumour suggested the two were involved in a romantic relationship. The truth however as explained by one of the show's writers was that was how their characters were written; although coincidentally they did actually live around the corner from each other.