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  • HATE her character on GH.

    Wish she would say off GH for good. Not a good actress.
  • Marry Me Vanessa! A guy can dream cant he!

    What can I say, This Lady Is an angel sent from heaven.I was in love the moment I laid eyes on her!(the movie the Rock) Who ever has her heart is one lucky S.O.B.She is the total package. The show was good but she was the only real reason I tuned in. The show could have been about her just walking around in a circle and I would have been in front of the TV. NBC has made another huge mistake in giving the show the axe! to the heads of NBC I say only this: IDIOTS!! I guess I will just have to watch the reruns.
  • An amazing actress

    Vanessa Marcil is one of the actresses I simply adore. I've enjoyed her performances in the many television shows that she's been casted in. Any character that is given to her is portrayed with all of her effort. Along with her excellent acting she brings her beauty and grace to these wonderful shows. As "Brenda" in the soap opera GH we know her best to her chemistry with "Sonny." We've seen her talent used into 90210, but her full potential wasn't given the chance to fully bloom. In the current television show Las Vegas we see her doing what she is best at. It is quite a treat to see her in that show.
  • Vanessa Marcil is one of the most talented actress' on tv. I am an immediate fan of any television show she joins the cast of

    Vanessa Marcil is one of my absolutle favorite actresses. in the early nineties I became an immediate general hospital fan because of the awesome chemistry bettween her and Antonio Sabato jr. I was a high school freshman and i blew off hangin out with my friends after school to go home and watch GH. Then years later I began to once again watch 90210 after havins stopped a couple years earlier when I,d heard she had joined the cast. Even now I watch primarily reruns of shows i used to like and some reality tv like I love new york and Hogan knows best. The only actual current show I like is Las Vegas
  • i love vanessa!

    I really miss her playing brenda on gh with the whole sonny and brenda distructive love. omg it was the best years gh ever had. the whole lilly and jax coming into play was brilliant. this was way before they even started the whole carly sonny disaster. Vanessa is so very talented and can always play the innocent deviant type. i just cant help but love her. she to me is a role model. her very own baby cloth line was adorable. her role on beverly hills was underated! you know why i never liked that show? because somehow kelly was the one everyone wanted to be with. what is up with that? please! vanessa is way more gorgeouse then she was and still is the sexiest by far! rock on vanessa!
  • I love this woman!

    I couldn't believe it when I read it, this girl, who is acctually a woman, turn 39 this year???? How did that happend? I don't know many 39 year olds with that kind of body. But it's not only her body, its everything about this woman! She is gorgeous and If I were to pick one women to go on a date with right now, it would be Vanessa! In my eyes she will remain 25-30.
  • What a woman!

    I guess that everybody will be OK to say that Vanessa Marcil really is a beautiful woman.Of course she is also a good actress.She play all her parts with that special energy that caracterises her.But contrary to her "thin looking"(she is only 5'4" must of actress a taller,like her Molly Sims)she's a real storm and put a lot in acting.I really hope we will see her seen on our screens as a principal character in a movie she really deserve it.I mean she as beatiful as Eva Longaria but their acting are totally different...Vanessa Marcil rules!!!(no offense to Longoria's fans)
  • Vanessa is the most beautiful talented actress to grace the screen since Grace kelly. She puts all she has into her characters. She is (not just because of her beauty) my favorite actress.

    I think Vanessa is not only one the two hottest woman to ever walk the earth (Grace kelly is the other) but also one the most talented actresses ever, She has fought demons in her life only to come out on top with a brilliant career, wonderful child, and she is only at the start still, she has such a bright future ahead of her. Vanessa is a inspiration to thousands of people around the world. She has a warmth that surrounds her that makes me smile. I just hope oneday to find someone as wonderful as Vanessa. (after all i cant have the real one).
  • Talented, beautiful, and a great actress!

    I love her in Vegas as well as loved her
    In General Hospital. I think that she is a great
    Actress and hope and pray that she will get more roles
    Even after Vegas has ended. Which I hope that it won't be really, really, soon.
    Glad that she has overcome a lot of adversity to attain this kind of stardom on a hit show!
    Horray for Vanessa!
  • Vanessa Marcil is my second favorite actress on television right now.

    Vanessa is a truly talented actress and can really adapt and play such different roles as evident by her General Hospital, Las Vegas, and Beverly Hills 90210 characters all being so different. I enjoy her performances as Sam Marquez every monday night on Las Vegas and she blends in so well with the other characters.
  • I can say it in one word. Wounderful!!!

    This woman can act,she is smart, funny, sexy, and a very kind harted. Simply breth taking. I met her a few times in Socal and she is a 10 in my book.I wish there were more women like her.
    I hope Mr. Green knows how good he has it,for having a woman as wounderful as her.