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  • Vanessa Lachey.

    Great person. SO happy for her and Nick. You are better then "Wipeout".
  • I will break the record for wipeout if i had a chance on the show and that is a guarantee


    Hi Ms. Minnillo i was wondering how to get on the show i guarantee that i can beat everyones overall time and be the first to beat the show in record time because i'm perfect please let me know if theres anything that i have to do to try to qualify to get on the show

  • Cute!

    i think she's average looking as well. I liked the fact that she was miss teen usa 1998, and that I'm happy for her dating nick. She deserves alot better though if you ask me! Average beauty...though you might not agree with me. Just like that guys was saying whether she was proud to be half flip or not, but really I don't care. I'm just playing on looks alone, and from one filipina to another!
  • Vanessa should be proud of her origin..

    I don\\\\\\\'t really know her that much except that she and the Lachey(?) guy are all over the tabloid. I find her charming and beautiful (at first)..until my friend told me that she\\\\\\\'s part filipino and in a way makes me proud of her BUT when I read her profile on the internet and some of the posted profiles she claimed that her mom was of polynesian descent and not a filipino it kinda made me an impression that she\\\\\\\'s not proud of her origin. What\\\\\\\'s wrong about being a PART FILIPINO Vanessa? You should be proud of it cuz if not because of that blood you won\\\\\\\'t be that good looking and you won\\\\\\\'t be where you are now and you won\\\\\\\'t be with that guy you are with should be proud of being part filipino.
  • She is so much prettier and so much more talented than Jessica Simpson. She is finally getting noticed!

    She is so much prettier and so much more talented than Jessica Simpson. She is finally getting noticed! She is so much prettier, sweeter, and more talented than Jessica. And I am glad she is dating Nick Lachey. I watch TRL with her a lot and I am really glad she is hosting and not the weird Jessica Simpson. Vanessa Minnillo is much more awesome than Jessica and Nick goes better with her. Vanessa Minnillo is very talented and should relase her own album to top Jessica's since Jess's isn't doing so well. Vanessa is better than Jessica. Case closed.
  • She's very underrated for the work that she does. I think that she would make a great actress but she does a very good job on TRL and Entertainment Tonight.

    I love her work. I try to watch TRL everyday but I don't catch Entertainment Tonight that much. I think that she would be very good in tv shows and movies. She does a very good job on TRL but she isn't always on there. She is always wanting to do other projects and she does. She was recently in Nick Lachey's new video for his new album.
  • Beautiful person. I don't find her voice annoying. I actually like her voice. She's very entertaining on TRL. Should have been in top ten of Maxim top 100. Should be featured more on ET. She should stay on TRL for a long time. They should get a new guy th

    I think Vanessa Minnillo is an absolutly astonishing person. Some people find her voice to be annoying but I think her voice is beautiful. I watch her all the time on TRL but I don't really see her that much on ET. She should stay on TRL for a very long time. They should get a new guy to guest host though. The guy they have now can be pretty cool at some times but he can be pretty lame too. I think MTV should even think about possibly giving her her own show. Vanessa Minnillo is a great person.
  • Steaming hot VJ

    I Heart Vanessa Minnillo. I love her on TRL she is gorgeous, her voice is one of the best parts about her. I hate Derek Jeter though, so that made me bring her down 1 point. She deserved every bit of that Maxim cover and I hope she goes on to greater things... like me, perhaps?
  • - She is on par to be the next bomb shell in the making. Visit her unofficial website.

    very out going person, very beautiful, awsome personality! She is one of the best upcoming stars to come out of the asian community. I think she can be the next breakout star or the next model. This is woman that all girls can look up too. Over all top notch!
  • You know her from TRL and Entertainment Tonight the hot but annoying-voiced...Vanessa Minnillo.

    I don't like Vanessa Minnillo at all. I think she is so annoying. She is the most annoying tv personality I've ever seen. I will say that she is hot but she doesn't belong on tv. First of all her voice is so annoying. It's so raspy and weird that it scares me. She thinks she so so so great. She tries to act black and she is such a poser. I hate it when she tries to use slang because it just doesn't work for her. Why do people want her on their shows? She is absolutely talentless as a reporter and hostess. I don't know 100% why I find her so annying but she's just akward. I don't understand why...I just don't understand. Vanessa is just so err. She belongs doing a regular job...not on TV.