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  • The nicest young lady I ever met.

    My comments, are about a time when innocence was bliss,when our hearts were allowed to be free,a time when we knew not of preconceved ideas of traditon and ideals.All we new of,is the hand we held,and the silent thoughts that whispered in our hearts,knowing that the world was oblivious to our warmth for each other.Remembering how much strength it took to say goodbye..not knowing how the future would unfold with broken hearts.Time would pass and the world would begin to understand,even when we were worlds apart.Then by the grace of the gods,you gave a interview on the 'biograhy channel'a few years ago,my brother,just told me of it.He remembered how much you meant to me in my growing years.My heart danced for you,happy that you had done so well and came so far and that the gods have smiled upon you.I now cheer to your talent,watching as many shows as possible,remembering our times of yesteryear with a warmth in my heart and a new bounce to my step,and a deep desire for you to achieve your goals.Happyness,is my ultimate wish for you,for you are, the nicest young lady I have met.Be good to yourself.Thinking of you,Dirk Steenbergen,Kamloops, would you be so kind as to forward a copy to Veena Sood PLEASE,Thank-you, my e-add. is