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  • inflated ego, nice wife

    I cringe everytime I see or hear this person, he is a talentless, minger, with teeth and what is wrong with the hair? The cheesey grin makes him look like a beast and the hair needs a washing and combing. Basically he is a freak! How did he get someone like Tess ? I hate this person as much as Paris Hilton. He shouldn't even be on the TV and would be more suited asking if you'd like fries with that ! He's a waste of space and his accent is mental. When programmes employ this demure creature gets a ban from my viewing.... even a 1 is too high for him but it wont let me go lower.
  • What the hell is wrong with his accent????

    What is wrong with his accent. I am watching the show he hosts, Hit me baby one more time, on NBC and I can't tell if he is britsh or australian or something from a country I have no idea about. And his voice is so annyong. And he doesn't know the right name for "The Robot" he calls it "The Robotics" and then he started doing the robot ON STAGE!! This guy is an idiot in my opinon. If hit me baby one more time comes back for a second season then they need to get a new host!!!!