Veronica Portillo

Veronica Portillo


11/27/1977, Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Birth Name

Veronica Keanley Portinz


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  • Veronica is not so bad and shouldn't be ripped apart just because someone who doesn't know her doesn't like her.

    I like Veronica. I think she\'s a better person than some people make her out to be. I\'m sure she\'s not as heartless as the previous poster said, because it\'s not like she\'s some bully that goes around destroying people\'s self-esteem or driving them to an eating disorder. Besides, what kind of a person would lie about an eating disorder. I\'m sure she has some kind of a heart to be traveling the country just to tell girls like her to be confident in their bodies and happy with themselves. Is that a heartless person? Yes, she can be a little manipulative when she wants to, but she\'s in a game for a lot of money and that\'s how you play it. Ever seen Survivor? They act the same way, just about everyone. I say that Veronica is not so bad.moreless
  • This girl has GOT to be a liar!! There is no way someone this heartless suffered from an ED. She is way too cold & heartless.

    If Veronica Portillo ever suffered from an eating disorder, I shall eat my computer starting with the keyboard. I have honestly suffered, and I do mean suffered, from an ED and I would know better than to treat another woman in a manner that would possibly trigger an ED. Camera rolling or not, she should respect other women's feelings. She can still win money and make it to final missions without being that horrible! Either she is lying or she simply has no heart. I resent her for actually lecturing young girls on eating disorders. What happens, Veronica, when one of these girls becomes your rival on a mission? Will you drive them to drink Ipecac, overdose on laxatives, or starve themselves?!? How dare you think anyone cares what you have to say about eating disorders. Time to get a job. You are in your late twenties, you have no life, you act less mature than high schoolers, you have no compassion and guess what?

    I am in a help group for ED's and of the 118 girls who also legitimately suffer, we honestly no longer want you as our spokesperson.

    I believe you have no soul. No one likes you, you are a vicious toad of a woman and if you believe that anyone thinks so highly of you that you "railed against" your ED, then know this:

    You are a detested individual that most people think are lying about your ED, at least the girls who truly have one believe that. We think you are fishing for sympathy so you can get in Rachel's pants, or anyone else's pants for that matter.


    Stop representing girls with ED's. We have no use for your kind. You are the type of girl who triggers ED's in women and should therefore be apologizing to us, not speaking on our behalf.

    Thank you in advance for shutting the mmmm up!!!

    I can be this blunt because the time to end ED's is now and the way to do it is to shut down girls like Veronica Portillo. So if any young girls out there are striving to be like the almighty 'v', just remember that cruel behavior can seriously hinder another individual.


    as in (buli-mia)moreless