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  • Extremely talented voice actor: Very genuine and natural

    I'm quite shocked at her overall rating- she deserves more. Taylor is quite a talent and has very versatile range, and it was a blessing and a privilege to hear her work on Pokemon. Her Pokemon work is some of the best in the English dub, even for 4Kids who was, ironically, excellent at it. She's my favorite Ash Ketchum, May, and Delia. Excellent voice actor.

    She does a great job as Ash in "Pokemon." Also as May and Ash's mom. I don't know how she can sound so different! She is defineatly VERY talented! I don't know about the other shows she plays in but in "pokemon" she is very very very very very!!!! good!
  • She is one of the reasons that got me into loving May

    I am a huge May (From Pokemon) fan and I want to congrats her for doing the voice of May evan when she lost her job of doing the voices of Ash & May we can all still remember her as one of our favorite voice actors and I think I might like May's new voice if not I can just think of her's with Veronica's and evan though some Pokemon fans(Mostly Misty's) think May is anoyying (That makes me sad :( hating a fictinal charater) it's not her fault that May got some of her haters It's 4kids they are the ones who do the USA scripts until 2006 I love you Mrs Taylor & May
  • Veronica Taylor will always be remembered as Ash Ketchum's English voice actor.

    Veronica Taylor was perfect as Ash's voice actress. I can't believe she was replaced in Season 10 for someone who is nowhere near her level for voice acting Ash. If I ever think of Ash saying something, its the voice she provided for him that I hear. The current voice actor's voice sounds extremely forced and strained, like Ash is constipated. This is just one of several reasons I don't watch Poke'mon anymore. As far as I'm concerned, Ash simply lost his voice and will find it once his old voice actress returns to the recording booth, and gives Ash his real voice back.
  • She did a great job on Pokemon!

    Veronica Taylor is a great voice actress! In my opinion, she was the one and only person who could voice the adventurous Ash Ketchum and his sweet-sounding mother, Delia on Pokemon.

    I honestly sucks that 4Kids lost the rights to dub the show with the good voice actors. I feel bad for Veronica, since she worked hard dubbing all those episodes and movies and all she gets is a kick the the curb. She was then replaced with Sarah Natochenny, who CAN'T voice Ash the way Veronica did. Sarah makes Ash sound like an adult, rather than a ten-year-old pre-pubescent boy.
  • One of my personal favourite voice actresses.

    Veronica Taylor is best known for when she voiced Ash and May in the anime, 'Pokemon'. And I have to say, she did a wonderful job at it. She did very good at making Ash sound male. There aren't many voice actresses I know that voice male characters and do a good job at it. And her voice for May is wonderful, for she gives May such a sweet, lovely voice. It's just too bad she doesn't do it anmore. If only she still did it, and didn't leave. Her replacements aren't very good. The actress who plays Ash now makes him sound as if he has something caught in his throat. The actress who plays May now isn't that bad, but her voice for May isn't anything like Taylor's sweet voice for May.

    Still, Veronica Taylor will be well remembered by me, and will go down as one of my favourite voice actresses.
  • Veronica Taylor is very talented.

    She is often miscast in roles that do not suit her talents. The most notable is that of Ash Ketchum on Pokemon. Her voice grated during the early seasons, then by Pokemon Advanced she has settled into a voice that was slightly better, but still no where near believable for a pre-pubestent boy.

    Moving on to her other roles, she maintains a level of emotion and skill that are perfect, though she does tend to over emote on occasion. Her variation of voice is better than most of the talent she works with at 4Kids Entertainment. However, when she does childrens roles she gets rather limited, resorting to either the Ash voice, or the May/Delia voice.
  • My top favorite VA from my most hated company.

    SInce the dubs of Sonic X and One Piece, I have really been hating most of the voice actors for voiceing the characters. But this one I like, she has given first to Ash Ketchem an awesome voice and one that lasted for 8 years. She also gave a wonderful voice to April O' Neal on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and I have become really fond of it. So for those of you who hate 4Kids and their actors, I am on your side as I am against most of them too. But leave this one out of the hated bunch, she is a really good actress who should have done more of the roles that other actors at 4Kids ruined the characters with.

    That's my opinion
  • she does voices on Nana 7 of seven. where she does 7 different voices. (all seven nanas) in japan they used multiple voice actors... but she does all seven. btw hot-temperd nana sounds alot like ash. but the rest sounds diffrent.

    i only know of little of her work from other shows but after seeing Nana 7 of seven i have gain a great deal of respect for her. doing meny voices like that is hard to pull off as well as trying to make them all sound different. there are times when all nanas are talking at the same time or when they are talking to eachother whice means that she needs to use the same lines over and over with different voices and/or try to talk to her self and try to keep it convincing ... a fairly hard task ... she does great work (in my mind).
  • she would be esay to work with her considering how she voices the characters she does with her other voice over pals she works at 4 kids entertainment that in new york (which i live in of corse)so being that i\'m an honor student and stuff.

    i\'d like to work with her someday.and stuff plus she might know that i\'d like to be a voice over artist.i\'ve created 4 ideas for shows for kids wb/cartoon network/jetix uk,fox/jetix/toon disney/jetix uk,disney,abc, jetix uk/ and nicklodion. so her and her friends can help me with that. i,d like that a lot
  • A multi-voiced person

    Veronica Taylor is one of the few people that you can see on many cast listings. She has a very diverse voice. For instance, she acts Pokémon as three main characters (Ash Ketchum, May, and Deliah Ketchum), and before knowing this fact, I couldnt tell the similarity in their voices.
  • One of the best voice actresses out there.

    I for one beleive Veronica Taylor does a good voice for Ash. I did not even know Ash was done by a girl until I went to TV Tome. She also does May very nicely. Her other character, Tammy is pretty cute. I hope she remains a voice actress for years to come.
  • Great voice actor for male and female roles.

    I just love her voice. She totally lands the part of Ash and May on Pokemon. She also plays Tammy on Shaman King. I don't think anyone else of 4Kids' cast can play Tammy, Ash, or May better than Veronica. She should have more voices on Yu-Gi-Oh, but she has only two roles and both are not main cahracters. In the soon coming Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, I hope that either Veronica or Amy Birnbaum plays the character Sho who is a boy.
  • She did alot of voice acting

    I just am wow about how much she did in anime she work alot I think she did a great job as Ash too I wonder how she does not get tried of voice actor cause she did many many anime she is a idol for voice actor for those who want to be