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  • WAY Overrated!

    Y'know, I used to really like him because I loved Fullmetal and watched the dub way before the sub since it was on CN. But then I met him....and then I heard him in other roles. Why does everyone like him so much? I don't understand the blind love this guy gets. He's followed by rabid fangirl groupies because he likes to play the same blond haired blue eyed pretty boys over and over. Seriously, he uses the same voice for every character which worked for Ed Elric but totally didn't fit for Fai or Tamaki. Plus he's a total homphobe and a religious nut that likes to push his beliefs on others. He belittles and lies to his fans all the time and he's actually kinda creepy with some of the fangirls. Any guy that has to 'jokingly' say that he totally didn't get into this business for the mass of girls that hug him is suspicious. Kinda reminded me of a coworker who always said he liked all the young girls like his daughters but then went outta his way to hug us super long and look down our shirts. He just has this creepy lecherous feeling about him that I didn't like and all my gal friends agreed. Ugh.
  • Vic Mignogna, actor, singer, songwriter and all around great guy!

    Vic isn't just one of the best VA's in the business today, or a wonderful singer/songwriter. He is, quite simply, an inspiration to his fans. He is quite possibly one of the most fan-friendly celebs out there! He always takes the time to talk with his fans and lets us know just how much he appreciates our devotion! He always returns emails, even if it's just a line or two and goes out of his way to please us at conventions and such! Vic's personality lights up a room and even when he's answered the same question a gazillion times (just look up Miniskirt line on youtube!) he may moan and groan, but just to please us, he answers it again! His faith, love, hope and multiple talents are a blessing to us all... I'm proud to call myself a Ranger!
  • Vic Mignogna is amazing in every way.

    Ever since I first heard his voice as Edward Elric on FullMetal Alchemist, I have been in love with him. He makes all his characters just really stand out. He can play any kind of character too. Edward (Fullmetal Alchemist) the teen, Yukito (Air) the adult, Fai (Tsubasa) the optomistic sweetheart, Dark (DNAngel) the mysterious flirt, Gawl (Generator Gawl) the tough guy with a deep side, Ikkaku (Bleach) the violent warrior, and even Kurtz (Full Metal Panic!) the typical perve. All his dubbed characters turn out perfect. He can show such incredible passion with just his voice it is just amazing how well he portrays his characters. When he is playing a character he isn't Vic Mignogna anymore, he really makes himself the character. He usually doesn't change his voice much for different characters he plays, he tweaks his voice just enough to fit them kind of person they are. He thinks about how the character would say something, not how he would say it and he makes a certain inflection for every character's voice that always fits them perfectly. Not all voice actors can pull that off. He really cares and puts a lot into his work. Not only is Vic an amazing voice actor, his singing voice is heavenly. He is very musically talented. He has vocal albums and a beautiful piano album. All of his songs he composed, arranged, and performed himself. He gives me goosebumps every time I hear him sing, I love all of his songs. At first I just loved his work but once I learned more about him I realized there was so much more to him. He is a very down to earth kind of guy and doesn't let his fame go to his head even though he probably has the record for having the most fangirls of anyone ever xD He would be great to just hang out with, he is so fun and has a great sense of humor not to mention the fact that he is super cute and has the greatest smile. He loves joking around with his friends and fans and he's really just a fun guy. He is so open to meeting new people and interacting with his fans. He is also very smart. He is very intelligent and you can tell that when he speaks. He always has interesting things to say and he really knows what he's talking about when he talks about voice acting. He is so dedicated to his fans and loves to make them happy, he will do nearly anything for them. He is extremely strong in his faith as well, it is really uplifting to hear him speak, he has made me cry before. I once watched a video where his mom presented him with the birthday book that she and the Risembool Rangers put together. They all emailed his mom letters for him and she formatted them and bound them into a book. He was so touched he got teary and started talking about how he knows that when he meets god that god wont say "hey good job with that Ed character.", he will say "You have made such a wonderful difference in so many people's lives." He really has made a difference in my life. I still have yet to meet him but he has made me a better person. His passion and dedication for everything that he does, it is so uplifting and it makes me want to live my life a better way. He has inspired me to become stronger in my faith and a stronger person overall. I love Vic Mignogna and everything about him. He does such great things with his fame. He is so much more than just a voice actor, he is a really genuine person and he changes lives every day. He is definitely my hero forever.
  • Vic Mignogna. A singer, a voice actor, and an awesome guy.

    He's played so many good roles, and he's extremely talented. He can manipulate his voice so well to fit a character, and at the same time he has an incredible singing voice! From playing main characters from anime's such as Full Metal Alchemist, to Full Metal Panic, to DN Angel which have all been popular shows, he's proven to be a really well liked voice actor. He seems like a really nice guy from the videos i've seen of him, and from what i've talked to him via email. I get to meet him officially May 17th, and ill (hopefully) hear him voice act live, so i'll be sure to review how that goes!
  • One of the best voice actors.

    He has voiced Dark on DNangel, Edward Elric in Fullmetal Alchemist, and Broly in the Dragonball Z movies. I never saw DNangel I love him as Edward Elric and he sounds diffrent as Broly. He has had so many roles too name he has also recently done the intro for the funimation dub of One Piece he also tried out for the role as Orochimaru on Naruto but lost the role to Steven Jay Blum maybe in the future on Naruto: Shippuden he might be able to potray a character i'll wait in see in 2009 he has also been trying out for the role on Ouran High School Host Club I might see it in the future to hear his voice.
  • Oh, for you guys who did TERRIBLE in 4Kids dub, Vic and his friends are better than ANY of...

    (to the tune of the "lol internet" tune) you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you.
  • Uses his original voice in all his parts as to emphasize that it is not the part to change yourself, but to change the part; so to speak.

    Totally my all time favorite voice actor! I know him best from FullMetal Alchemist, where he dubs Edward Elric! But he is in almost all of my favorite animes. I like how he uses the same (his) voice in all his parts, when you hear the unique sound of his voice perfecting a character, you cant help but smile and think, "I know who that is!" Seriously, a voice like his is precious and rare, I am glad that he does so many different roles. He is also a great artist on his own, in his music. A flattering A+ for a terrific indivisual!
  • He is in allllll of my fave animes!!

    When i researched the people in my animes and saw how many he was in that i've already seen i was amazed! He really is a great actor and put a lot of character into the people... I can't picture any of my shows without his voice in them! I've never seen him like a picture but still i think he's cool just cause all the characters he's played are awesome too. I think he should do a lot more anime voices... maybe in some thing new and orginal it would be really kool. I still love my anime as usual no matter who's voice it is.
  • One of my all time favorate voice actors >_

    He did a great job playing Ed in Full Metal Alchemist, that one of my favorit animes because of him. He also did Dark in DN Angel, when I first watched DN Angel I looked at the credits and saw his name and I thought I remember that name. So I watched Full Metal Alchemist and i saw the credits and I'm like Oh My God!!! I love Dragon Ball Z too so when i found out that vic played Broly i was a little shoked cause I didn't think his voice want that low. He said in a anime convention that he hated playong broly and was glad he died I thought that was mean but it was still funny coming from him. Vic is a very talented voice actor and he does a great job in putting emotion (but not too much to were its fake) into his characters!
  • Just a little about Vic.

    Well I only heard Vic in two roles that he plays that I know of. He was Edward Elric in Full Metal Alcamist (sorry about spelling) and Dark Mousy in DNAngel. I believe he catches his charaters personality very well. He makes his charaters so life like, I have to continuesly remember they aren't real in a sense. Personally I liked him as Dark better. He brought that charater to life so quickly, I'm sure others think so too. On the first DNAngel DVD, he and the VA for Daisuke Niwa, Kevin Corn, seemed to have had alot of fun on it. By the way, if any of you know what the setting is for DNAngel, I would love to know. I heard Europe and Venic (spelling again) and the VA for Daisuke's mom and dad, (Can't remember their names sorry) said Marfa (spelling again) Texas! So if you know I'd greatly apperaice it if you'd share with me.
  • Yes, I am guilty of fangirl-ness, and Vic Mignogna brings out the best (or is it worst?) of it in my friends and I! But he's just got such a cool voice, Ed from FMA and Dark from DNAngel being our favourite anime characters.

    Yes, I am guilty of fangirl-ness, and Vic Mignogna brings out the best (or is it worst?) of it in my friends and I! But he's just got such a cool voice, Ed from FMA and Dark from DNAngel being our favourite anime characters.

    We all can't wait until he's coming to Sydney, it's gonna be great! I'm probably going to squeal myself hoarse from his Edward Elric voice, I already do just watching him on YouTube, so it'll be awesome live! Vic is the coolest, plus he's always happy to chat to his fans, and he's way better than most full-on celebrities, he's just so much more...I don't know, real!

    He has such a hot voice!!! ...I'm such a fangirl, aren't I?
  • He is amazing!! He does so many voices, and they all are done excellently!

    I first heard him doing Ed from Full-Metal Alchemist, something I believe to be one of his most well-known roles. He truly captured the character's personality well. Actually, I think his voice even went as far as making Ed more interesting. ^_^
    Then I saw him in DNAngel. Dude, I was even more impressed! He was excellent with Dark's voice! He definitely is my favorite anime voice actor!!! I thought he was great as Ed, but upon discovering his contributions to Angelic Layer, Full Metal Panic, Diamond Daydream...sheesh, this guy can freakin' do voice acting! -lol-
    Anyway, I don't think anyone could've done his parts better. d-^o^-b *thumbs up*
  • The voice actor of Edward Elric, the FullMetal Alchemist. What more can we say? He's awesome! Everyone of his fans should think so.

    This guy is the best! Dude! He's as great as FullMetal himself! ...I'm speechless that I actually was able dude...I can't even pronounce your name, but I adore you and the show all the more. 10/10. ^-^ So...what more can we say? He rules and that's that. The character rules and thats that. FullMetal's sarcasim rules as well. The power of great as alchemy itself.
  • I only know his as the voice of Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist, but being that Edward Elric is my favorite anime character EVER, I figured I would review this guy who's last name I can't pronounce.

    Vic (because I cant pronounce his last name...) is the famous voice of Edward Elric, for all us anime geeks out there. I love it. He took the character, made the voice...which was superb for the character (appearance and attitude) and became the God Of Anime to me. What a lot of people dont know is that Vic has an EXCELLENT singing voice too. I know. I heard one of the songs he sang...I loved it... He even has his own fan-club/listing called the Risembool Rangers (which I am one...*claps joyfully*) What else can I say other than I LOVE HIS VOICE!
  • I remember seeing this gentleman at Anime Next 2006 here in Secaucus, New Jersey. Good lord, he drove those fruity fangirls crazy with his Ed voice. Way to work the crowd and make everyone deaf from their screams Vic!

    The score I have given Mr.Mignogna is not towards his overall
    achievements, but solely for his role as Edward Elric. When
    FMA came to America, I cringed. Aside from the fact it was
    going on Funimation, (who does not have a good record of VAs)
    but also because American VAs for young kids...well, they're
    not very good. (Digimon. I rest my case.)

    I was more than presently surprised to see him do an excellent job as Edward. He got him down perfectly, and
    acted out Ed's emotions, anguish, and even his temper
    tantrums perfectly. I couldn't think of a better VA for
  • Amazing voice actor, He\'s extremely talented and funny

    Vic, is one of my favortie voice actors of all time. He's amazing and a very nice person. I've met him three times. Twice at cons and once while in New York. He's made me laugh and brightened my cloudly day. Heh he even "shot" me with another cosplayers gun. I've seen him take time out of his day to sign autographs and take pictures with fans. He even makes the uncomfortable ones laugh. He brings life to a room and is never a dull person. His voice talents are amazing and his career suits him perfectly. I'm sure so many people will agree with me when I say he should be given an award for his amazing kindness and humor.
  • Vic Mignogna, while I only know him from one show, is very talented.

    Vic Mignogna provides the voice for Edward Elric on "FullMetal Alchemist." I think he does a great job doing it, as he puts a lot of feeling/emotion into Ed's voice. While I don't know of any other shows that he is in, I still say that he is very talented. He has a great voice, and I hope he appears in other great shows.
  • I actually got off my ass to compliment this guy wow he's that good. This guy puts more emotion in his voice to match the original Japanese version of fullmetal alchemist it amazes me how an american actor can do this (at all)!!

    I have only seen his work for the series of fullmetal alchemist but that is good enough for me to submit a review for him and this one will be a hundred words. I can say much about him but he is immensly talented andcan perform a teen's voice good enough. I dont have much experience with the series so im just going to name a couple of other things i like The Legend of Zelda (i love it to death) and table tennis which im going to play assoon as i think of five more words hmm hmm done.
  • No one\'s better than Vic. The feeling he puts into his voice acting is just... what\'s a better word than absolutely incredible.

    Vic is one of the most amazing voice actors I\'ve heard from, and I\'ve watched a lot of shows. He doesn\'t overdo his work like the actors from 4kids who did things like Yugioh and Shaman King. He doesn\'t fall flat and boring or annoying either like a few on shows like Dragon Ball Z or Naruto. His voice is pure, true, and comes out not as him, but as his character. His voice brings out the one he\'s trying to be and can put in so much emotion that it will bring tears to your eyes in the tragic parts while making you fall out of your chair laughing in the comedic parts. When I first heard his voice, I didn\'t think much of it until an episode of Fullmetal Alchemist made me sob, literally. He truly is one of the best, and I hope to see a whole lot more of him in the near future.
  • Vic really pulls you into whatever character you're watching him perform.

    I first encountered Vic in Fullmetal Alchemist as Edward Elric. He had the ability to make me laugh, make me cry, make me scream in frustration with Ed. Last November, I had the pleasure of meeting him online. We have since grown to be really good friends. Turns out that Vic had been in a couple of other anime that I watch regularly, including Knights of the Zodiac, and Yu Yu Hakusho. Hehe. I met him last month at Otakon. We had a great time. I can't wait to see what he works on next, as well as the rest of Fullmetal Alchemist!!!!
  • Vic is one of the best voice actors around!

    Vic is one of the best voice actors around. i love him in fullmetal as shorty Ed and the perverted yet sweet Kurz Weber.
    All anime freaks ( and i mean it in a good way) should give him a big kiss for entertaining us by dubbing the voices of our favorite anime characters.
    Vic !!! thanxs for ur autograph I love u!
  • He got very good talented I think he did a great job in DNAngle and Fullmetal

    What can I say Vic have very good talented that noone almost have . He play many diffent charter to an 15 year old Alchemist to an legendary phantom thief . He is one of my favitor voice actor I think he is the best there is today and I hope he still does more Vic really kicks ass !!!!
  • Really, what can I say besides, Genius.

    Wow, I remember the first time I heard his work. I just thought "What a wonderful voice!" He has so much talent, it's almost scary. Every character he plays he doese so well and with so much emotion. It's always such a pleasure to hear his voice. From Dark to Ed it's just wonderful.
  • Vic Mignogna is amazing, i love dnangel and fullmetal alchemist for his characters

    though I have only seen two of Vic Mignogna\'s works, i can sincerly say that he is a great v.a. Although american v.a.s are generally not very enthusiastic (half of them dont even watch the show they are recording!) i think vic is a great exception. because an important part of any character (anime of otherwise) is their voice, i think that v.a.s should put as much enthusiasm into their parts as Mignogna does. yea he rox!
  • Vic - talented, enthusiastic, wonderful. Everything you could want in a person, he is that (unless you want someone who's a complete pervert and unmannered fool, then you're out of luck). Kind and outspoken, he's got more than just a great voice to enjoy.

    Vic is by far one of the more talented voice actors I have ever met. With his enthusiastic voice, he in some cases does a better job of giving a character "character" than the original Seiyuu may have (ex. Dark Mousy of "DNAngel"). Modest and kind, Vic gives his all in anything he does-even a rendition of a constipated Pikachu (don't ask)! If you meet him in person, you won't regret it because he's so friendly and outgoing and someone you'll want to talk to for hours. Vic not only excels at voice acting, but does just as well directing, singing, composing music, and being a great role model for others. His Christian attitude and mannerism makes for a clean and awesome convention experience, no matter what time or day it is. A gentle spirit with an equally gentle voice, he's the man for you if you need someone sensual or kind-voiced. And he won't let you down, cause one thing Vic doesn't do is give up or do things half-heartedly. All in all, he's one of the best out there in more than just talent.