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  • Vic Mignogna, actor, singer, songwriter and all around great guy!

    Vic isn't just one of the best VA's in the business today, or a wonderful singer/songwriter. He is, quite simply, an inspiration to his fans. He is quite possibly one of the most fan-friendly celebs out there! He always takes the time to talk with his fans and lets us know just how much he appreciates our devotion! He always returns emails, even if it's just a line or two and goes out of his way to please us at conventions and such! Vic's personality lights up a room and even when he's answered the same question a gazillion times (just look up Miniskirt line on youtube!) he may moan and groan, but just to please us, he answers it again! His faith, love, hope and multiple talents are a blessing to us all... I'm proud to call myself a Ranger!