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  • WAY Overrated!

    Y'know, I used to really like him because I loved Fullmetal and watched the dub way before the sub since it was on CN. But then I met him....and then I heard him in other roles. Why does everyone like him so much? I don't understand the blind love this guy gets. He's followed by rabid fangirl groupies because he likes to play the same blond haired blue eyed pretty boys over and over. Seriously, he uses the same voice for every character which worked for Ed Elric but totally didn't fit for Fai or Tamaki. Plus he's a total homphobe and a religious nut that likes to push his beliefs on others. He belittles and lies to his fans all the time and he's actually kinda creepy with some of the fangirls. Any guy that has to 'jokingly' say that he totally didn't get into this business for the mass of girls that hug him is suspicious. Kinda reminded me of a coworker who always said he liked all the young girls like his daughters but then went outta his way to hug us super long and look down our shirts. He just has this creepy lecherous feeling about him that I didn't like and all my gal friends agreed. Ugh.