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  • Trivia

    • Vic sings the song "Could Be An Angel" which can be found on the voice actor compilation album Voices for Tolerance released in 2008.

    • Vic performs several of the theme songs for Funimation's English dub of One Piece including:
      We Are! – first opening theme for episodes 1-47
      Towards the Light – third opening theme
      A-Z – ending theme in episodes 169-191

    • Vic once participated in a dodgeball game held at AF07. The Risembool Rangers(the Vic Mignogna fan club) vs the Miniskirt Army(the Travis Willingham fan club).

    • At Mega-Con 2007, Vic mentioned that he likes high top tennis shoes.

    • Vic loves Milky Way Dark candy bars.

    • In 2005, Vic produced and directed a fan film called Fullmetal Fantasy, in which he cosplays Edward Elric. The film stars many of the US voice actors from the series cosplaying or voicing their character's roles.

    • Regarding characters he would rather not play anymore, Vic specified Broly from Dragonball Z because he does a lot of screaming in the movies, and that can be "painful and scary" for a voice actor.

    • When asked why he has the same voice in different shows, Vic replied that the goal is not to hide your voice, but to play different characters and roles.

    • When asked about when he wanted to be a voice actor, Vic replied that, like everyone else, he wanted to be an actor first, and considers voice acting a way to do acting. He was heavily involved in local stage productions, school and church plays, and even mentioned theatre camp. In 2007, Vic mentioned that he had only been voice acting for eight years.

    • Regarding favorite bands and movies, Vic answered that he prefers to enjoy songs and movies individually and doesn't bother to track down every album or movie people have done. He'll like a certain song and not even know who sings it.

    • On the English dub of Bleach, he was reading the lines for Ikkaku when he came across the words "does Lucky Dance". It turns out he had to improvise one. At the convention, he mentioned that if he tried to do the dance, people would be blinded.

    • At Kawaii Kon 2007, Vic held a special concert where he sang songs from his albums. He also sang the English version of the theme song from DN Angel, a humorous ditty called "Soldier A" where he called up fans to sing some of the parts, and "Brothers" and played a little bit of songs from his favorite piano musicians.

      "Soldier A" was named after a role he was auditioning for in Dirty Pair. While he was at Funimation for a recording session, he sang the song to himself, and it quickly caught on. Vic has since placed the song on his Metafiction album.

    • Regarding his favorite main character, Vic answered that he felt like he would betray his other roles if he picked just one. Ed's role in FMA was longer than a typical season so he got to develop that role better. He also enjoyed some of his sidekick characters like Kurz Weber in Full Metal Panic and Shingo from Aquarion Age because they were more fun.

    • When asked at Kawaii Kon 2007 about his role models, Vic mentioned Jesus, morally and spiritually. For music, he likes the piano based songwriters like Barry Manilow, Billy Joel, and Elton John. For acting, he enjoys watching Robert De Niro and Al Pacino, "good Italian guys".

    • One of Vic's earliest appearances on national television was a contestant on Star Search in 1993, where he sang "Worth Waiting For".

    • Vic helped produce dc Talk's first eponymous album in 1988. He did the arrangement for "Final Days", and also produced the songs "He Loves Me" and "Voices Praise Him".

    • Vic Mignogna won Best Actor at the American Anime Awards 2007 for his roles in Fullmetal Alchemist and Macross.

    • Vic has the following music albums out:
      1) If These Walls Could Talk (1992) – includes his Star Search song "Worth Waiting For", and "Italian Boys" featuring his grandma.
      2) Selah: Music for the quiet time(2004-5) – a faith-based instrumental album of mostly piano tracks.
      3) Metafiction (2006) - recently released and making the rounds at Vic's convention visits.
      4) Christmas (2008) - 16 tracks of Christmas music, and some originals.

    • Vic's birthday is August 27. His birthyear will not be disclosed until he posts it on one of his official sites.

    • In addition to producing albums, Vic has written hundreds of television jingles.

    • One of Vic's most popular song requests at anime conventions is Brothers which was based on a theme in Fullmetal Alchemist. His version has not been officially licensed, although he has produced and done many other songs and albums.

    • Movies that Vic has voiced in that aren't spinoffs from his character in the TV series:
      Spriggan - ARCAM Guard 1
      Dragonball Z Movies #8, 10, 11 - Broly

    • Vic's first voice acting role as a lead was Gawl from Generator Gawl.

    • Initially in the Saiyuki anime series, Vic was going to play Gojyo, but that character swears too much, so the scriptwriter had Vic play Kougaji instead.

    • Vic has his own fanclub called the Risembool Rangers and also his own website called Vic's World.

    • Vic Mignogna was recognized as an official U.S. Guest of Honor at the Anime Expo 2006 convention in Anaheim, CA. This marks the first time in the convention's 15-year history that a person from the United States has received that honor. Laura Bailey was also recognized and headlined.

    • Vic will be providing the English voice for the lead character Hikaru Ichijo in ADV's redub of the Macross TV series. Macross was the first TV series of the enormously popular crossover anime trilogy Robotech.

    • In addition to his big brother role in Full Metal Alchemist, Vic also plays the older brother in the Peacemaker anime.

    • When asked about Vic's favorite female characters from FMA, he mentioned:
      The nice and sweet Winry
      That library girl (Sciezka)

      He also stated that Envy is not a girl.

    • Vic not only does Video and Audio production, but a bit of Graphic Design as well.

    • Vic's last name is Italian.

    • When Vic landed the starring role of Edward Elric in Full Metal Alchemist, he watched 48 of the 51 Japanese episodes. He held out on the last three until he had to record for them since he wanted to be suprised at the ending.

    • In the early 90's, Vic taught video and camera production for two years at the local Art Institute of Houston.

    • Vic is a co-owner and creative director of Reel Adventures, a production company in Houston, Texas. He also works with the video production company, Stage Directions.

    • Early in his career, Vic was a police officer in Maryland. He produced and directed many local PSA's and training videos.

    • Vic got his Bachelor's degree in Television Production from Liberty University. He stated that he had majored in film and minored in theater.

    • Vic's favorite anime girl not from FMA is Izumi from Princess Nine.

    • Conventions Attended
      2003: 7 appearances
      2004: 9 appearances
      2005: 17 appearances
      2006: 21 appearances
      2007: 24 appearances

      Vic has attended conventions worldwide including London, Sydney, Dublin, Anchorage, and Toronto.

    • Although he played an older brother in Full Metal Alchemist, Vic himself is an only child.

    • Vic started playing piano when he was 17.

    • Vic is 5'10", 170 pounds, with blonde hair, and hazel eyes.

    • At Anime Expo 2006, Vic repeatedly denied rumors about an Ed-Roy love relationship, and stated for the record that Ed likes girls. Vic did find the character Roy Mustang to be pretty good looking for a guy.

    • Vic is a featured guest for Anime Overdose 2006, an anime convention held in San Francisco this August 2006. For this appearance, Vic is not traveling with the entire Funimation group.

    • One of Vic's career goals is to record at all the different major locations where anime is made in North America. That includes Houston, Ft. Worth, Los Angeles, New York, and Vancouver. Vic has worked for ADV (Houston) and Funimation (Dallas/Ft. Worth). When he landed a supporting cast role in Bleach, he got to fulfill his dream of working in LA.

    • When he's not busy attending conventions or other projects, Vic leads worship with the Gathering Band at Houston's First Baptist Church.

    • Vic Mignogna loves Fullmetal Alchemist.

  • Quotes

    • (Vic at the Anime Expo 2006 convention panel, giving advice on voice acting.)

      Vic: Be where the acting is. I live in Houston. Dallas is 4½ hours away. I let them know there's no difference.

      Vic: Your connections might get you in the door, but it won't keep you there. … And if you haven't prepared, you'll suck.

    • (Advice on getting into voice acting.)
      Vic: There is no question that knowing someone in the business will get you in the door. But it is your skill that will keep you in the room.

    • Vic: Back off, Riza. He's mine!
      (A quote request at the anime convention, Vic voices Edward Elric talking about Roy Mustang.)

    • Vic: Colonel Mustang is dead sexy in a mini-skirt!!
      (Frequently requested quote at various anime conventions.)