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  • One of several underrated actors on Combat - only this guy REALLY carried the show. Problems in his personal life, battles with alcohol & an untimely death tainted what could have (should have) been a wonderful career.

    An Excellent actor who never got his just rewards. Prior to (and often after) being cast as Sgt. Chip Saunders in 'Combat' - Marrow was type cast as a 'tough'. He would get a few guest appearances in the 70's and a couple of supportive roles (Bad News Bears), but never the recognition he deserved. It is the foundation of being an actor to make people BELIEVE you are the character, to FEEL what the character feels - and in the 5 1/2 yrs of combat you could feel yourself right there in the middle of WWII, flatfooting it across France with the 361st Infantry,'K' company. One of the very few good things about war is the comraderie of your squad - and you could truely believe in the King company family. This guy REALLY carried the show. Not only did he direct several episodes (inc. 'Hills Are For Heroes'- hands downs one of the best of the series), he also pushed the producers, writers & directors to make a better show.
  • Underrated, talented actor that Hollywood seemed to have overlooked!


    Really a talented guy who had the looks, talent, and the acting down pact. As Hollywood really overlooked this man and that he really was not done well by Hollywood by any and all means. Either he picked not so good roles, Hollywood did not give him the roles that he deserved, or that they wanted him to play the villain. Really a shame that he could had gone farther. A new fan of his. But sad how he died on the "Twilight Zone" set. While trying to revive his career. What could had been. As Landis and company should had been tried and went to jail. In a sense, Morrow and the two kids that got killed got the last laugh when the movie became a flop. RIP Vic, you were one of the good guys.

  • What a brilliant actor Vic Morrow was. All you have to do is watch an old episode of Combat! and realize how much this actor deserved the Emmy for his performance of Sergeant Saunders. Great highly underrated actor.

    Watch anything Vic has done and you will be amazed at his subtlety, Im a huge fan and still enjoy his work today. Even though he is gone, he is definitely not forgotten. Thanks to networks which still air Combat! (One of the best classic series' of all time, in my opinion) This dramatic series had it all with its ensemble cast of misfits which brought pathos, comedy, drama and the empathy which one feels for a comrade in arms.
  • Vic Morrow was the most gorgeous human being around. I was sadden when I learn about his death. I think he seemed to be the best person who they picked for the role in COMBAT! 1962-1967. Vic Morrow was the best Sergeant Chip Saunders in COMBAT!.

    I think Vic Morrow was a good father and talented man. His greatest production was his daughter Jennifer Lee Morrow now known as Jennifer Jason Leigh, she is a famous actress. Vic Morrow's performances in everything he appeared in, were great. He is such a talented man. I am grateful that he left us with these projects which we can enjoy for to years to come. I think Vic Morrow was a nice human being, and he tried to save those two children, which the crashed killed all three actors, including those two children with Vic Morrow. I think he is the best!