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  • One of several underrated actors on Combat - only this guy REALLY carried the show. Problems in his personal life, battles with alcohol & an untimely death tainted what could have (should have) been a wonderful career.

    An Excellent actor who never got his just rewards. Prior to (and often after) being cast as Sgt. Chip Saunders in 'Combat' - Marrow was type cast as a 'tough'. He would get a few guest appearances in the 70's and a couple of supportive roles (Bad News Bears), but never the recognition he deserved. It is the foundation of being an actor to make people BELIEVE you are the character, to FEEL what the character feels - and in the 5 1/2 yrs of combat you could feel yourself right there in the middle of WWII, flatfooting it across France with the 361st Infantry,'K' company. One of the very few good things about war is the comraderie of your squad - and you could truely believe in the King company family. This guy REALLY carried the show. Not only did he direct several episodes (inc. 'Hills Are For Heroes'- hands downs one of the best of the series), he also pushed the producers, writers & directors to make a better show.