Vicki Butler-Henderson

Vicki Butler-Henderson


2/16/1972, Hertfordshire, England.

Birth Name

Victoria Butler-Henderson



Also Known As

Vicki Churchward
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Vicki is a racing driver and presenter on British TV. Originally she worked as a racing driver and instructor before moving into journalism where she worked on numerous British motoring magazines such as Auto Express, What Car? and Performance Car. In 1997 she joined the BBC motoring show,…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • At the beginning of October 2010, at the start of episode 11, season 17 of Fifth Gear, Vicki revealed to viewers that she was expecting her first child. On January 15th 2011, she gave birth to a daughter, who she and her husband named Una.

    • Prior to making her Top Gear debut as a full-time presenter in 1997, Vicki made a one-off guest appearance in 1994.

    • Along with Damon Hill, Murray Walker and former karting rival David Coulthard, Vicki is an ambassador for GoMotorsport, a website aimed at encouraging people in the UK to get involved in motorsport.

    • Both her older sister and her mother have appeared on episodes of Fifth Gear, having lessons from Vicki in driving performance cars.

    • Her parent's names are Guy and Valerie.

    • While working as a racing instructor at Silverstone, she also worked as a journalist, writing articles for several British motoring magazines.

    • In addition to racing cars, she can also race powerboats. She holds a powerboat racing license.

    • She's the middle child. She has an older sister Charlotte and a younger brother Charlie.

    • Her grandfather used to race at the famous Brooklands circuit, and her father was a member of the British karting team.

    • Since getting married, she's now usually credited as Vicki Churchward.

    • Since November 2007, Vicki has been married to Phil Churchward, a former Fifth Gear producer who now works as a director on Top Gear.

    • Vicki is a keen swimmer and keep-fit enthusiast

    • Vicki was an instructor at Silverstone race course (where the British Grand Prix is held) by the age of 17.

    • Vicki grew up on a farm and could drive a tractor by the time she was 12.

  • Quotes

    • Vicki: David Coulthard lapped me in my first ever kart race. He'd been doing it a bit longer than me - I was a total novice, and he was pretty experienced by then. It's funny - I always tell the story, but I doubt David ever does!

    • Vicki: (Talking about her first car) It was an MG Metro. It was the raciest Metro you could get, it was silver with red seatbelts. I loved it because it meant I could take all my friends round in it. If you had a car at school you were uber-cool.

    • Vicki: I live in London and am fed up with traffic lights not being synchronized with each other. There is a conspiracy theory that lights are timed accordingly to stop motorists passing through two sets of green lights at any one time.

    • Vicki: (On being a woman in the male-dominated world of motor sport) In racing no-one cares because once you put on that helmet no-one can tell and actually I think the guys respected me, off the race track that is!

    • Vicki: (Speaking about trying to eat healthily) I try to eat as much fruit and veg as I can, and drink two litres of water a day. But it's not easy when I'm racking up as many miles as I do - about 1,000 a week.

    • (On whether she still has her Mk1 VW Golf)
      Vicki: Yes,I have - it's my little honey bunny. I love that car. I love driving her. It's a stunning, iconic shape. It was the best hot hatch of its generation. And you can actually see out of it, which is a rarity these days – in some of today's hot hatches it's like looking out of a letterbox. And with the MK1, people who know their cars appreciate how good it is.

    • (On her encounters with the traffic police)
      Vicki: I've been caught twice by speed cameras and pulled over twice. Nothing too horrific, just 85mph down the motorway. I've never been really naughty.

    • (on working with Tiff Needell).
      Vicki: He's my on-screen husband, I can't wait to do the first days' filming with him – it's more like a play day than working. If feel so blessed that I can work with someone that I really like."