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  • This lady doesn't get half the credit she deserves!

    Awwwwwwwww! I love Vicki Eibner! She really deserves so much more credit than she gets. She was only in one show, but she did an excellent job. I loved her role as Ojo fro Bear in the Big Blue House. Ojo was so sweet and cute! Yeah, she did lose her temper every now-and-then, but she was overall a sweet little thing. Vicki plays so many other characters from that show as well, including Grandma Flutter, Lowis, Annette, Grandma Etta, and Tallie Otter. She was amazing, and she also has such a beautiful voice when she sings as Ojo. I just love Ojo's squeaky wittle voice! It's so cute!

    Aww, give Vicki more credit. She deserves her picture on the web and a biography as well. And she should have her own show.
  • Vicki plays Ojo on BITBBH. Ojo is a very cute and sweet girl bear cub who hangs at the house with everyone. Ojo sometimes gets ticked over something, but with help from Bear, and she’s okay. Honestly, she’s very loving and very mature for her age

    This girl honestly should get more credit and attention for her work as Ojo. She’s very talented, and she seems really nice from what little information I’ve read about her. I love—absolutely love—the voice she gives Ojo! Love it!!! I love how she can make the voice develop from a young girl’s voice in the earlier episodes to eventually an adolescent teen voice in the latest episodes. And, I love her singing voice. Vicki makes Ojo seem like a singer-in-training, because it gradually improves with each season. Most little children who don’t really take any singing classes don’t really know how to regulate their voice, so they don’t always know what notes to reach or what tones to use. Vicki sells it! Ojo has a cute voice that pretty much reaches the right notes, and she uses pretty good tones. She sings the upbeat, groovy songs with a louder voice, and she softens her voice when singing a ballad. I don’t know why Vick Eiber does not get half the credit she deserves, because—damn it—she’s incredibly talented! I’d honestly rate her 100 if I could! She’s amazing!