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  • what happened to vicki????????

    i don't understand what happened to vicki? how does a successfull business woman turn into a petty, immature, loud-mouthed, unloving party pooper? all through this current season she has done nothing but make a spectacle of herself in public. she is totally mean and nasty to the new girls in the neighborhood, gretchen and lynne. she treats her husband like a second class citizen. and she can't take 5 minutes out her day to relax, she's constantly thinking about the all-mighty dollar. sorry to tell ya honey, being a money-grubber causes heartache and you can't take it with you. she practically blamed her husband for their deterioating marriage. maybe if she once thought of him and took him on at least one vacation, her marriage would be so much healthier. and sorry, but just because you're the OLDEST housewife, doesn't make you the boss of everyone, let someone get a word in. i'm rapidly losing all the respect i had for you.
  • UGLY! Mean. Spiteful. Jealous. Evil. Rude. Full of herself. Spoiled. Controlling. Hateful. Loud. Tape her mouth shut!

    This woman needs someone to just belt her in the mouth!. She's rude,disrespectful and full of herself.
    I really feel sorry for her husband. No wonder he isn't more lovey with her. She's envious of the women around her. She's just pure mean. And who made her the Queen B (I'm not talking about the honey maker!) Who put her in charge of the ladies on the show. Good for Gretchen for standing up to her. Why doesn't she spend some of her money on a therapist that can help her be nicer and less controlling. Better yet. Buy that yacht, set out on the ocean and don't come back.
  • This woman needs to learn respect. I've quit watching the show because of her.

    She is not a very nice person. She is disrespectful to others. She should quit all that screaming and talking loud, especially when she's drinking. She protrays a person who HAS to be the center of attention. She makes a complete fool of herself when she does that. And what's up with following her son around. Can he not walk on his own two feet? You can tell he doesn't like the way she acts around his friends. This woman looks and acts like a spoiled brat. I can't stand her. She isn't all that pretty and she looks old. Maybe if she acted a little more low key and not so loud, she'd probably wouldn't be so ugly.