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  • worst person ever on show.

    I have never seen such a ugly, wicked person, inside and out. She has a vulger mouth for a proclaimed caring mother and wife. I hope she doesn't try to be a example for her children. I think she should be thrown off the show for her nasty and back-stabbing ways. She gives the show a bad taste and could cause the show to lose viewers. She must have grown up with sailers to have such a potty mouth and I don't even know where she learned to have such hatred inside. If whe wins, I will never watch this show again.moreless
  • Vicky is a horrible example to put in front of people, game play notwithstanding. GO Home!

    This Vicky woman is a disgrace to her family and to TV in general. What a horrible woman. I hope her kids don't see her acting the way she did and the things that she said. I usually root for weight loss and ignore game play, but this woman needs to gain a bunch of weight this week, and go away. No one needs to see this kind of awful person spewing all this garbage about Amy. She talks on and on about her game play, but can't stand it when anyone else does it. Go home, witch!!!!! Her kids are gonna be so embarrassed if they ever arearound anyone who saw this show and calls her on her actions. What a moral upstanding woman you present yourself to be,Miss Vicky, I only hope you get bit in the backside for your horrible, horrible actions and words. Go home , andd go fast!!!moreless