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  • Dangerous ep4, is a great exciting episode with really fresh scenes shot on HDV, its quick, fast and full of action. The acting from the main cast is superb, especially from the gang and the storyline really makes this show addictive.

    Dangerous episode four, on Foxtel is one of the best shows i have seen on Australian T.V. It is the kind of show that Australia's being starving for, as covers topics that are taboo and issues that are usually ignored on Television. What is also fantastic about Dangerous is the casting of fresh actors,who are talented and attractive. I really enjoy watching this show and i anticipate for scenes with the gang, though my favourite Dangerous gang member would have to be Riz (played Vico Thai), he is cute, funny, and I'm so glad he did not stereotype Riz's character with an Asian accent. So a job well done to the guys from Dangerous for providing exciting Australian television to a new and young generation of audience. Next weeks episode 5 is the one to watch.