Victor Buono





2/3/1938 , San Diego, California, USA



Birth Name

Charles Victor Buono




It seemed unlikely that anyone as very large as Victor Buono would live to a great age, so his death at age 43 was not surprising; still, it was sad, for the fame that gathered round him when he was only in his twenties had largely evaporated by the mid-70s, and he had far fewer major roles than an actor of his talents deserved. He threw himself into nonsense with the greatest gusto and was usually pretty entertaining, but the hope that he might hold the same sort of position in films as Laird Cregar or Sydney Greenstreet had held in the 40s went unrealised. He was only 24 when his Oscar-nominated role as Bette Davis's epicene accompanist in "Whatever Happened To Baby Jane?" made him famous. Two years later, he played Davis's father (she was thirty years his senior) in "Hush, Hush, Sweet Charlotte". It was inevitable that an actor with such a flair for eccentricity would turn up on such TV shows of the era as "The Man From UNCLE", "Batman" and "The Wild, Wild West", and he even had a recurring role in "The Man From Atlantis." But Buono was a classically-trained actor who had been acclaimed for his Shakespearian roles (notably - of course - Falstaff) before fame arrived; his richly-rewarded success in TV silliness must have galled him sometimes.