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  • Captivating as hell.

    I really can't find enough words to describe in my opinion one of the greatest actors I've ever had the pleasure of watching. I've cried over/during movies or television shows before but I've never cried for months over a character. I actually went through a period of mourning when Jack Bristow died (stomach ache, nausea, depressed, hair fell out). My friends and family thought I was nuts (still do). I've never even been a big fan of television much less get hooked on a character that causes you to become so attached, protective and loyal. His portrayal of Jack Bristow was undeniably brilliant and he was robbed of several Emmys. I also watched all episodes of Justice and he did an equally fine job for the short time it ran. His recent performance as Professor Barrett on Ugly Betty is certain to get him an Emmy nomination for Best Guest Appearance. I'm looking forward to watching him as Jordan Weathersby in Eli Stone where I understand he will sing. There is really no way I can say enough Victor Garber is just captivating as hell.