Victor Lucas

Victor Lucas


2/13/1968, Montreal,Canada

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Victor E. Lucas



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Batwing, G4Batwing
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Victor Lucas is the creative mind behind the video game preview/news show The Electric Playground and the video game review show Reviews on the Run. Based out of Vancouver, British Columbia, Victor brings gamers inside the world of video games by providing access to a wealth of material…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Victor was featured in the web series "Mortal Kombat: Legacy." Appearing on the third episode "Johnny Cage," Lucas appeared on the set of "The Electric Playground" introducing a "true holllywood story" type episode devoted to the life of fictional Mortal Kombat character Johnny Cage.

    • Victor's Greedy Productions won the 2007 Emmy for "Outstanding Achievement, Advanced Media Excellence / Advanced Media - News" from the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Southeast Chapter for their production of GameTap News.

    • Although he has been to every Entertainment Electronics Expo (E3), Victor's first time to go to the Tokyo Game Show was in 2006.

    • Lucas has attended every Entertainment Electronics Expo (E3) from 1997 to 2007.

    • When it first aired, Victor's Electric Playground was on the Discovery Science channel in the U.S and on the Space Channel and MTV in Canada.

    • Victor hates "invisible walls" in video games. Invisible Walls are just that, walls included in the game that appear to allow the player to move into the background but prevent them from doing so, in order to force them in a pre-determined direction.

    • Lucas was an awards presenter at the 2004 SPACEYS awards for the Canadian based science fiction channel SPACE. Lucas presented the "Favourite Video Game" award to Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic by Bioware.

    • Magazine Appearance:
      Game Informer Magazine

      April 2006, Issue 156, page 12.
      Pictured with Julie Stoffer in "GI SPY: Candid Photos From the Seedy Underbelly of the Video Game Industry"

    • Lucas' show Judgment Day was the United States version of Reviews on the Run shown on the G4 network. Reviews on the Run had an additional 1 minute and 30 seconds that was cut from the U.S. Judgment Day broadcast due to time. Judgment Day aired on G4 from 2002-2005. Lucas has officially stated that Reviews on the Run will be shown on a different station in the United States for the 2006 season.

    • Lucas is a big fan of the DC Comics superhero Batman.

    • Although he's known for interviewing people in the video game industry, Victor still makes time to be interviewed himself by anyone interested in his work. From podcasts to on-line chats, Lucas enjoys talking to everyone interested in the video game business.

    • Victor is known for being "too easy" on his reviews on Judgment Day. His Co-host Tommy Tallarico is known for being "too harsh." Each denies any truth to these statements.

    • At the 2004 Vancouver International Digital Festival, Lucas shared a seat on the Key Note speaker's panel with friend and former fellow Co-host on The Electric Playground, Zoe Flower.

    • Victor Lucas and his fellow Co-hosts Tommy Tallarico and Geoff Keighley, are the only on-air personalities to host two shows on the G4 network concurrently. All three hosted The Electric Playground, Victor and Tommy hosted Judgment Day and Geoff hosted Both Judgment Day and were cancelled after the 2005 season.

    • Lucas and his wife are featured as an "easter egg" in the game NHL Hitz 2003. This was a reward for his friendship and great help for working at and with the game development company Black Box Games.

    • After high school, Lucas attended the Theater Department at the University of Victoria. Unfortunately, he only lasted a year because he was more devoted to acting than the other crafts of theater (costumes, set design, lighting). He would later go on to study in a specialized acting department at The Film and Theater School of Canada.

    • Lucas claims that he was a shy teen in high school. So in order to combat that, he signed up for an acting class knowing he was going to be one of the only guys to sign up.

    • Before creating The Electric Playground, Lucas worked as an actor and a waiter in the Vancouver area.

    • Victor's first computer was a the Mac LC 630.

    • Unlike most parents during the era, Victor's mother was always supportive of her son's video game obsession. Even after their house became an "electronic hangout" for all the neighborhood kids.

    • People often misspell his show Judgment Day by adding an 'e' to it.

    • Victor was one of the Key Note Panel speakers at the 2004 Vancouver International Digital Festival (VIDFEST). The event annually honors research and advancements in digital design and film making. Victor's spoke on the film making of video games in "Cinematics for Games - The New Challenge."

    • In 1995, Victor founded Greedy Productions, Ltd., a company devoted to directing, producing and editing documentaries, corporate videos and videogame multimedia. One year later in 1996, he developed, a websited devoted to his own shows produced by Greedy productions (The Electric Playground, Reviews on the Run, & Judgment Day.

    • Victor Lucas is the creator, producer, and co-host for the shows Reviews on the Run, Judgment Day and The Electric Playground.

  • Quotes

    • Victor: In 10 years, we're going to be playing video games that are better than what we see when we look out a window.

    • Victor: I think what I want to say to every supporter out there is that I'm listening. I want to make the best programming I possibly can around games. I want our stuff to always entertain and surprise you. I hope you're also learning something about the people in the videogame industry because they are the best and that was always the intention behind EP and JD, to show off the people in this amazing industry.

    • Victor: That damn Rockstar: INXS was like crack. Especially because there were so many Canadians in the running!

  • pretentious dweeb with no personality.

    he can keep his invisible walls theory, no one cares anymore. He is not on TV, he never was very personable, and he could not rate a game to save his job since he gave every rating a ten of ten.

    I tried to google him just to and found out he hawks classic games on the internet and I wonder if the "award" he won is for writing a review of a game from 1990 something that he likely originally reviewed on his "TV" show, gave a ten and rehashed for the internet.

    Did I forget to mention I bet he likely haunts people to this day with his need for correctness.moreless