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  • In 2005, Lords of Dogtown was released, with Victor Rasuk playing Tony Alva, one of the leading roles. The part included surfing and performing skateboarding tricks.

    Victor Rasuk was born on January 15, 1984 in harlem, New York to Dominican parents. He has one brother, Silvestre. He is an American actor. He attended performing arts school as a teenager, and began acting at 14. He garnered his first movie role at 16 in Five Feet High and Rising. The film -- less than 30 minutes long -- was a hit at the Independent Spirit Film Festival. Two years later, the same director, Peter Sollett, suggested expanding the short film into a feature-length movie: Raising Victor Vargas, which went on to win Rasuk an Independent Spirit Award for his work. In his next film, Rock Steady, Rasuk played a character named Roc.