Victor Webster

Victor Webster


2/7/1973, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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Victor Webster


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Born in Calgary, Alberta Canada, Victor was always willing to push himself to the limit. He thrives on the rush of combat sports, race car driving and high speed skiing. As a teenager, he frequently found himself in trouble in school because of his bad boy behavior. Martial…more


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    • Victor: I am blessed to be where I am today. I don't take it lightly. I am constantly challenged, I work with amazing people and I get paid for it. This is a dream come true.

    • Victor: (speaking about his tattoos) I have another one on my back that's a peace symbol, that's actually a dream catcher made out of bones and feathers. So, it's peace, but the dream catcher is to always remember that while maintaining my spirituality, a peacefulness in my center, that I'm continuing to focus on my dreams.

    • Victor: My mom is the most precious woman in my life. She has always kept me grounded and I am a peaceful and spiritual person because of her guidance.

  • I am your Dream

    I love this episode and Victor yummy. He certainly fit bill for gorgeous and disarming. I felt this CM was quite refreshing.
  • Victor Webster aside from his incredible looks, is an amazing actor who loves doing his own stunts.

    Victor Webster is a fellow Canadian who loves combat sports like martial arts, and extreme skiing which I think is pretty coolin itself. Aside from being totally smokin hot, he presents himself with this bad boy behaviour. And in his show past show :(, Mutant X, I thought is was extremly cool, he played Brennan which is an awesome character. Victor also did his own stunts in the show. Yes thats right no stunt double what so ever. He also has extreme acting talent. Did I mention, he was voted as being on of the 50 most eligble bachelors in North America!moreless