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  • A shell of her former self.

    I really think that Victoria Beckham used to be on the right track. She used to seem so happy and have so much personality back in the 90's. I guess after all the fame, money, and attention, it takes away your true self. I am not saying she is a bad person. I actually think she is a decent person today. She seems to be a good mother as well. The thing is, she just seems lost and unhappy. Maybe I am reading this wrong and maybe it's the botox injections, plastic surgery, and all the work she had done. But she just doesn't seem quite right. You can have it all: money, children, fame, everything. Unless you're at peace with God, you will never be completely happy. Thank you.
  • Victoria is so ugly and weird

    The only reason she is famous is becouse she is married to David Beckham: whos a nice, down to earth person.

    But she! She is an ugly love-me-do who thinks she is the the greatest thing on this earth. Wake up silly!!! Your gross... Your face looks like a horse. Your taste in the so called "fashion" is mediocre. Whenever you go out in those dresses you look like you have just escaped out of a mental institution and you dont know how to dress properly.

    Posh wake up to the real world, earn a living. Dont wait around all day for your husband to pay your credit card bills.
  • empty

    A 1/2 star is too much for Victoria. But, I'll give it to her because I'm feeling nice today. She has no talent whatsoever. She can't sing, she can't act and it's amazing she can walk and talk at the same time. Honestly, the only reason that she's famous is because she's married to David Beckham.
  • An ex-Spice Girl

    I personal find Victoria Adams intresting to say the least. Besides the fact that she needs to put on a few pounds, I think she is well dressed and classy. Though not a big deal to many, I think she is someone who can set a trend even if she doesn't want to. I'm happy for her and the sucess that she has had so far and sadden that many can't look past her Spice Girl past. Rock on Victoria and keep looking beautiful!
  • ugly,spotty,boney,miserable,sad,lonely,old hag with crap hair extentions

    who'd wann shag her an her plastic boobs her husband wont thats why he's shaggin every1 else
    i bet he's shaggin the ref as well

    mail me bout wot u think
    see ya rozi-pagan
    p.s does anyone know if he's a cross dresser cos he seems to wear a lot of girls stuff