Victoria Fuller

Victoria Fuller


12/11/1970, Santa Barbara, California, USA

Birth Name

Victoria Alynette Fuller



Also Known As

Victoria Alynette Baker, Victoria Fuller, Vicki Fuller, Victoria Alynette Fuller
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Victoria Alynette Fuller born in Santa Barbara, on December 11, 1970, is an actress and model.
Back in 2005, herself and her husband Jonathan both participated in The Amazing Race 6 and in which they were the sixth team to be eliminated. Since then, they were determined…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • At age 17, she took an interest in bodybuilding, and in doing so won one local competition.

    • Victoria attended 10 schools in 12 years due to her mother moving around a lot.

    • In January 1995, she was a Playboy Playmate of the Month.

    • She weighs 123lb, or 56kg.

    • On February 15, 2005, Victoria appeared on an episode of Doctor Phil.

    • Jonathan and Victoria's relationship clearly stood out while participating on The Amazing Race. They bickered and Jonathan continously insulted her. Now, they say that the race has brought them closer together.

    • Jonathan and Victoria were regarded by home viewers as being the second worst team to participate on the sixth season of The Amazing Race.

    • On her fifth leg of The Amazing Race, Victoria almost had a mental breakdown due to her husband Jonathan insulting her because of their loss of first place on that particular episode. This nearly happened again on the following leg after Victoria had been vomiting due to eating Hungarian spices in a tough challenge. This sent Jonathan into a rage.

    • These are Victoria and Jonathan's finishing positions on The Amazing Race 6:

      Leg 1: (Iceland) 5th of 11.
      Leg 2: (Norway) 2nd of 10.
      Leg 3: (Sweden) 4th of 9.
      Leg 4: (Senegal) 2nd of 8.
      Leg 5: (Germany) 2nd of 8
      Leg 6: (Hungary) 3rd of 7.
      Leg 7: (France) 5th of 6.
      Leg 8: (Ethiopia) 6th of 6 - Eliminated.

      Both of them have visited three continents and eight countries, excluding the United States.

    • Victoria and her husband Jonathan Baker have now been married for seven years and have spent twelve years together. Both of them announce on how that is now a lifetime and that life is great.

    • Victoria gave birth to her baby daughter on October 6, 2006.

    • Victoria is a American glamour model, artist, actress and a reality TV contestant.

    • When Playboy discovered that Victoria was on a modeling shoot, they quickly signed her on as a Playmate Centerfold.

    • Victoria Fuller met Sky Sport and Spa personal trainer Rebecca Cardon when they were both contestants on The Amazing Race Season 6. She is now seen with many other celebrities testing their fitness limits in this state-of-the-art facility.

    • Victoria and her husband own a Ferrari.

    • In their time on The Amazing Race, Jonathan and Victoria visited a total of eight countries in two different continents.

    • While participating on The Amazing Race 6 Jonathan Baker and herself visited a total of three continents, eight cities and nine countries before finally getting eliminated. This is the order of the countries they visited: USA, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Senegal, Germany, Hungary, France (Corsica) and Ethiopia.

    • Victoria also appears on the show Work Out.

    • Victoria ran The Amazing Race with her husband, Jonathan.

    • Jonathan and Victoria ran The Amazing Race 6 with each other. They finished sixth and were eliminated in Lalibela, Ethiopia.

    • Jonathan and Victoria ran the race as married entrepreneurs.

    • Victoria and her husband Jonathan Baker will soon be on Fear Factor this summer.

    • Measurements: 36C-24-34

    • Height 5 ft 8 in (1.73 m)

  • Quotes

    • Victoria: (on leg 3 of The Amazing Race 6 being extremely redundant) We're not being yielded and no one's yielding us.

    • Victoria: (in an interview segment) All of my work is a retrospective of my first hand look at being a Playmate, and my view on Playboy as one of the leading icons of our time. The brilliance of Hugh Hefner has challenged and inspired me to do something great.

    • Victoria: (in an interview segment) It's so amazing to be able to say I have the love and support of a billion dollar company behind me. What other artist has even been able to say that? I'm very honored.

    • Victoria: I love Pop art because it makes the viewer question, what's real and what's fantasy.

    • Victoria: (in an interview segment) Jonathan is extremely motivating and we always seem to kiss and make up in the end.

    • Victoria: (on leg 6 of The Amazing Race 6 in an interview segment) I don't like anybody screaming at me, but that's just Jon.

    • Victoria: (On The Amazing Race 6, about her husband) Sometimes we argue, and then we're okay. And then we want to kill each other. And it's just vicious.

  • Victoria was always a favourite despite all her bickering with Jonathan

    While they were participating on The Amazing Race 6, Jonathan and his wife Victoria bickered, argued, disagreed, insulted each other and the etc.

    Despite all this, they were a favourite of mine. Season 6 also happened to be my favourite season so you can't get me wrong there.

    All I can really point out is: She is underatted and deserves a better score rather than Jonathan Baker who deserves like a 5.0 or something.

    She was a nice person, and their elimination was probably the part where they really loved each other regardless. I don't think sending the Bakers back to Amazing Race would be a good idea because it would bring back bickering again. But they're good.moreless
  • Funny.

    Jonathan and Victoria's run on The Amazing Race wasn't exactly smooth. It was filled with screamin, screaming and let me think... screaming! The couple bickered their way through many legs in the race, before finally being eliminated in Lalibela, Ethiopia, because of a silly mistake.

    Although they bickered, Jonathan & Victoria finished in the Top Three on a few occasions, and came very close to winning a leg in Berlin.

    Although I don't usually like those bickering teams, Jonathan and Victoria are among the few I do like, along with Flo and Zach and a couple more.

    Victoria was mistreated by Jonathan at some points in the race, but the couple did a decent job.moreless