Victoria Jackson





8/2/1959 , Miami, Florida

Birth Name




Raised in Miami, Florida--Victoria Jackson came from a home that was religious, encouraged learning musical instruments, and demanded that she learn gymnastics. And her parents had no TV for many years. Her father was a gymnastics teacher, so she performed gymanstics from 5-18. In high school, she was a cheerleader and homecoming queen. She received a gymanstics scholarship to college, but only attended 1 year at Auburn.

Her acting career began with summer stock in Alabama, where she met Johnny Crawford. He promptly put her in his nightclub act and bought her a ticket for Hollywood. From there she never looked back. Her stand-up act landed her a spot on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, which she performed on 20+ times. She acted in several movies, television shows, and finally landed for 6 seasons with Saturday Night Live.

In 1991, she bumped into her high school sweetheart. They married and moved to Florida, where he works as a police helicopter pilot. They have 2 daughters--Scarlet and Aubrey.