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    • Victoria played a lab rat on the anti-smoking 'Truth' television commercial campaign.

    • Victoria recorded a children's album called Ukelele Lady by Choo Choo Records.

    • Victoria lost a total of 22lbs on Celebrity Fit Club, ranking her #9 in the overall standings for the history of the show, based on all contestant's weight loss percentages. She started at 167lbs and ended up 145lbs at the final weigh in. Since the show ended, she regained 12lbs, leaving her at 157lbs.

    • Victoria dated 'Weird Al' Yankovic in 1990, after appearing in the comedy UHF with him.

    • Victoria's celebrity impersonations include: Cyndi Lauper, LaToya Jackson, Roseanne Barr, Rob Lowe, Sally Struthers, and Zsa Zsa Gabor.

    • Victoria reunited with her high school sweetheart, Paul Wessel in 1991. They married and moved to Florida, where he works as a police helicopter pilot.

    • Victoria tried for quite awhile to be a guest on Bill Maher's Politically Incorrect, because no one was representing Jesus' side. She wanted a platform to present her views on abortion, and call it what it is to her, murder. She appeared, and was a target for religious bashers, but was asked back as one of four women who were favorites of Bill Maher's on his birthday celebration show.

    • Victoria was once confronted on the set of Saturday Night Live by Al Fraken, who told her that he took offense to her 'ditzy' act. Victoria was hurt, not ever wanting to be perceived as a fake or a phony. and she explained that although her voice is high and squeeky, her actions are not an act. She also explained that she found it hard to come up with decent converstaion when surrounded by a room full of people who's souls she was praying for.

    • Victoria's dream is to play Maria in The Sound of Music, citing it as the main reason that she went to Hollywood.

    • Victoria parodied Jessica Hahn, singing a song that she wrote called 'I'm Not a Bimbo', a quote from her taken from People magazine.

    • Victoria was the only Christian on the cast of Saturday Night Live, but was only ever offended enough to pull out of one sketch. The sketch was about a pair of over-zealous religious fanatics, and the scene called for her to drop to her knees and pray. After careful consideration, she told Lorne Michaels to replace her in the sketch, that it would hurt her too deeply to mock prayer. He did replace her, and the sketch ended up on the cutting room floor, having received no laughs anyway.

    • Victoria stands tall in her morality, having never smoked, drank, or done drugs. She also remained a virgin, as did her husband, until her wedding day, at age 23.

    • Victoria doesn't believe in Kaballah, Scientology, Catholicism, Mormonism, Buddism, etc. She is a true believer in Jesus Christ, however. Having done thorough research in all of the religions, she read her Bible from cover to cover. Her conclusion was that her faith in God defies a religion, and is a personal relationship between them alone.

    • Victoria married Nisan Eventoff, a former fire-eater in 1984, the couple had a daughter together before divorcing in 1990, citing irreconcilable differences.

    • Victoria caught the eye of Johnny Carson, and he booked her act (her doing a handstand while reciting poetry) on The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson. This was her break into national television exposure, she ended up making 22 appearances on his show.

    • Victoria worked the California clubs, performing stand-up comedy routines for 2 years, while working as a cigarette girl, a typist at the American Cancer Society, and a waitress at a retirement center/hotel to make ends meet.

    • Victoria went to Birmingham, Alabama to summer stock, and met up with Johnny Crawford, a star from The Rifleman. He took a liking to her, and invited her to Hollywood to perform in his nightclub acts with him. She accepted and he sent her a one way ticket to California.

    • Victoria attended the Christian High School, Dade, and was a cheerleader as well as the school's homecoming queen. She earned a gymnastics scholarship to Furhman College, but was unable to accept, due to finances. Instead, she opted for Florida Bible College, and one year at Auburn University.

    • Victoria's father was a strict gym coach, and ordered that she perform and perfect her gymnastic routines daily. She performed competetively from the age of 5 until she turned 18.

    • Victoria was brought up in a very religious home, with no television or extracurricular activities until her teen years. She earned straight A's all through school, and played the piano tirelessly to perfect the talent.

    • In high school, Victoria was anorexic. She blames the pressure of being a competitive gymnast and her father's obsession with weight.

    • While starring in Saturday Night Live, Victoria appeared in a public service announcement for NBC's The More You Know. Her topic was a teacher tribute.

  • Quotes

    • Victoria: I've had a lot of struggles, and I would have been in a lot of trouble, I think, if I wasn't a Christian. I have a very addictive personality and I'm very childlike, always wanting attention. It's probably kept me from things. I'm sure if I were not a Christian, I would probably end up like Chris Farley.