Victoria Justice

Victoria Justice


2/19/1993, Hollywood, Florida, USA now resides in Los Angeles, California

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Victoria Dawn Justice



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Victoria Dawn Justice was born February 19, 1993 in Hollywood Florida, her first word was "dadda". Her heritage is Puerto Rican on her mother's side and mostly of Irish descent on her father's side along with German and English. At the age of 8 Victoria decided she wanted…more


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    • (On crush advice)
      Victoria: If I like a guy, I think a good way to feel that out is to go on group dates with people that you're comfortable with. So then you can get comfortable with the guy and just joke around, be yourself. Talk about music, movies, any hobbies that you have and then in no time you'll be comfortable around each other.

    • (On her wackiest fan encounter)
      Victoria: There was a girl who was dressed just like my character Lola (with a blue ballet skirt over her jeans) and she wanted me to autograph the skirt. I actually thought it was very sweet.

    • Victoria: Never let anyone take away your dream.

  • Victoria Justice

    Victoria... you were amazing in Zoey 101. Classic and funny. I really hated it when Zoey 101 ended. But now you're on Victorious... I was pumped to see you again. But now... I'm not so sure. You've changed too much on Victorious. Using too much auto tune, being so weird and becoming into a bad actress on there. It's just painful to watch you act. Why did you have to audition for Victorious? I think you would've been much better auditioning for a different show, that is actually funny and has great actors, and doesn't change you. I miss yourself from Zoey 101!moreless
  • Real, Talented and Pretty

    She is the most real actress in the world. She is not a brat because she cares about children who are in need, demonstrates a sharing attitude, BUYS a house for her family! She's talented and when you see her in interviews she's a ball of sunshine.

    Her along with Ariana Grande, and Bridget Mendler are the best role models for kids.