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  • Victoria Justice

    Victoria... you were amazing in Zoey 101. Classic and funny. I really hated it when Zoey 101 ended. But now you're on Victorious... I was pumped to see you again. But now... I'm not so sure. You've changed too much on Victorious. Using too much auto tune, being so weird and becoming into a bad actress on there. It's just painful to watch you act. Why did you have to audition for Victorious? I think you would've been much better auditioning for a different show, that is actually funny and has great actors, and doesn't change you. I miss yourself from Zoey 101!
  • Real, Talented and Pretty

    She is the most real actress in the world. She is not a brat because she cares about children who are in need, demonstrates a sharing attitude, BUYS a house for her family! She's talented and when you see her in interviews she's a ball of sunshine.

    Her along with Ariana Grande, and Bridget Mendler are the best role models for kids.
  • Luv Victoria!

    Victoria is a gorgeous teen with a great singing voice. She is an awesome actor on Victorious and after her astounding acting on Zoey 101 she derserved her own TV Show. :)

    Plus, she has an amazing smile

    She is like every Disney and nick fail of a singer.She is auto tuned so much it just sound like shes talking into the mike.Also she sings about the DUMBEST STUFF.WHO SINGS ABOUT THERE BEST FRIENDS BROTHER.I didn't mind all this until SHE KILLED I WANT YOU BACK. Teen actors these days just need to stop trying get a music career going and instead do what they were hired to do...ACT!!!!
  • Very good actress

    Your are a very great actress, I like your show "victorius" it's really cool I watch it a lot and it always has great episodes and it's funny in that episode about the roberottzi thing it was very funny
  • A good actress

    She may not be the best actress in the world but compared to the most Nickelodeon and Disney child actors she's really good.

    And seen without that she still is quite good. She's funny and lively and can portray different characters.

    Alas, I don't think she will make it later because none of those tv-show teen actors do...
  • One very special actress!

    I first notice Victoria Justice a year ago in an 'iCarly" episode titled "I fight Shelby Marx." I fell in love with the actress. One of the main reason why I watch "Victorious" every week is Victoria Justice. Her character of Tori is something that I like very much. She goes to a school that is amazing. It's called "Hollywood Hills High School." KI love that school. I wish that I attended there. Jusitice's character of Tori is very special to me, since she is very smart and very beautiful. Recently,she was on Nickeloden taking about the Gulf oil spill! Victoria Justice c ares about what's going on in the world! That's the reason why I love her!
  • decent, but also overrated

    she's "one of nick's biggest stars" according to commercials on nick. whilst she's a somewhat good actress, i wouldn't even go far enough to say top 5/10 nick star. so why did i give her an 8.0? I think she is somewhat talented, but I don't think comedy is right for her. I think she should try being an actress in roles besides comedy, because quite frankly I do not think she is funny, personally. So, my score for her is fair, I think. She can act in some of her roles but I honestly think she stinks at comedy
  • New Talent for the Next Generation

    I think this lady's got potential, possibly becoming one of the next great actors and actresses! I mean, she is known by many kids, pretty talented, sings well (based on that TV Nickelodeon movie), and do I have to show how good looking she is? Well, she's pretty good looking.

    Anyways, she was pretty good on the kids show "Zoey 101", and she could've been a little more well known if it wasn't for Jamie Lynn Spears untimely pregnancy (whoops for her). Along with that, she did pretty good on other TV shows like the episode of iCarly (iFight Shelby Marx). Plus, based on some reviewers, some guys reviewed her and just talked about how "gorgeously hot she is"... But, as said before, I think she might be in this business in a nice long time. That's my review, and I'm sticking to it.
  • Personally I think she is one of the best actresses around!(btw ppl Vicotria wont call u)

    Well she is very good at acting (i say). she is able to do many different rolls and young actress sometimes cant do this. so thats impressive if i say so myself. Yes i will admit she is a total babe! and time will make her more of a babe (seriously). Personally i think she will get a lot of awards and she mostlikly will do amazing in the world of acting. so hopefully she keeps up the great work and makes it great in her career. also i think she will even be good at anything else she trys to do because she is naturally talented.
  • She is perfect

    For me, she is the most spectacular girl in the hole world.
    I am in love with her since i first saw her. I can´t do anything without thinking about her. I am from Brazil, and I am thinking to do Intercambio, just to see her in real life.
    One of my dreams is see her in my hole life, i will make 16 years this month, i am only 7 months older than her, maybe in th future i will gain her love, someway.Finally, she is perfect and the name of the program should be LOLA 101.
    Bye evryone . . .
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  • Shes great!

    Victoria Justice is very talented and pretty. I first discovered her in an episode of The Suite Life Of Zack And Cody called "Fairest of them all" and she was the lead. "Rebecca". I loved it. Then I found out she was going to be in another one of my favourite shows. Zoey 101. And shes great on it! Okey the first episode she was in was a bit creepy but it shows how great an actress she is! She has now been in Zoey101 for 2 seasons coming up to 3, And shes great! At the young age of 14 she is such a trendsetter for young teens. I wish her luck in the future and hope she does well!
  • great.

    Victoria Justice is an extremley talented and beautiful teenager, who does not have enough roles! Amazingly enough, the only show I have seen her on is the hit Nick show Zoey 101, the show about the teenage show about a boarding school in America with all different characters and personalaties. In the show Zoey 101, she has been in the 2nd and third seasons so far, and she is a central character. On Zoey 101 she played Lola, one of the main girls in show who was basically one of Zoey's best friends, and slightly weird. She should have more roles, to show off her talent.
  • I agree, she's cute

    I can't say much about a little girl who haven't appeared too much on tv. But since I watched her performance in the 'Suite Life of Zack and Cody' show, I like her. In that episode, she looks very very (very very very) pretty. Just like my dreams on my childhood.
  • Doesn't anyone else think Victoria is hot!?!

    Oh, come on. Tell me you don't think Victoria Justice isn't pretty. In fact, I thought she was hotter than she is now when she played Rebecca in the episode "The Fairest of them All" in the Suite Life of Zack and Cody. BUT, she is still hot, younger or older. Her acting skills are great. Her looks are awesome. She is great! Um, okay this is only seventy words so far, that I've written. How can I extend this to a hundred? Okay, she is hot, she is hot, she is hot, she is hot. Still not it, oh well, Victoria Justice is an awesome actor, very beautiful, and thats it.
  • Victoria is 13 years old and a great actress and a nice looking girl and the prettest girl I have ever seen.I think Victoria is just as pretty as Jamie and Alexa.

    I look up to Victoria also because she is pretty and she is one of the best actresses I ever seen.As Lola she can act and she can doanything as well as Zoey but not better than Zoey but she is as pretty as Zoey and Jamie in real life.I really think Victoria should stay on this Zoey 101 cast.Jamie and Victoria should be together all the time.
  • Lola Martinez is 13 year old girl and she played a role on the Disney Channel series The Suite Life of Zack and Cody and now she has a permanent role on the Nickolodeon hit show Zoey 101.

    I think Victoria Justice will rock the world and I do know some people don`t like Victoria but anyway Victoria will rock the world.She is talented and she can sing and she can actreally well and trust she will rock and I mean the word will.Victoria is also the prettiest girl here and I think I will always look up to Victoria Justice.She might even turn out to be someone`s role model.
  • well

    i dont really like her character on zoey 101 and i wasnt fond of her character on the suite life but shes not that bad a person and she does have nice hair lol on zoey 101 its on people auction where she says wey after nicole and zoey say it but on episodes like spring break, her character is not as annoying
  • Victoria Justice is currently 13 years old and loves to act listen to music, and sig. She also goes onto her forum to talk to her fans. She played a role an episode Suite life of Zach and Cody. She also plays as a major role on the hit TV show Zoey 101

    Victoria is a very talented, she is beautiful,can act,model,can sing. Trust me shes going to be HUGE.
    Shes going to be upcoming movies, shows. Shes already making her destiny come true. She is very nice I have talked to her on her forum, she takes her time off from her busy schedule and come talk on the forum how cool could you get. Even though I got banned from her forum for no reason (typical admins) I would love to go back to the site. Hear me on this she will be big I repeat WILL!!!
  • Shes a nice person.

    I like her as a person, sure. She seems really hard-working and nice and devoted to her fans. I just do not like her character on Zoey 101. Let me repeat myself I don not hate Victoria Justice I just despise her character, Lola. But anyway this isnt about lola. Its about her. Uh...I have 45 more words left and nothing to say. But anyway... Shes really skinny. I hope she gets a little more healthy looking so it doesnt feel like I'm looking at toothpick when I'm looking at her. I hope she eats chocolate. Every girl needs some chocolate once in awhile.
  • Has her own style

    A fabulous girl. Like Kim possible, she can do anything. From sweet, innocent, helpful, reasonable girl in The one episode of the Suite Life of Zack and Cody to the tough, outgoing, and powerful youn actress named Lola that also happens to be rational and wants the best for everyone that she plays on Zoey 101, she fits into her roles well and acts well enough to be believable. Her future as an actress is very promising.
  • She is just Gorgeous

    I love her, i think the first time i saw her was TSL, but didn\\\'t know who was she, so i start searching, and searching until i found VICTORIA JUSTICE, and couldn\\\'t help to love her, she is just so humble and cute and a great actress, she is very humble and know that is very hard to get where she is and she is very thangfull, not all the people do that. I hope she continue to do more interesting movies and not only chick-flicks so the critics could take her series and soon would be winnig an award.

    She is just beautiful and the only reason i scored her a 9.8 is because of her height im only 5'2" and shes like 5'4 or 3 idk but i wana be with her luckily i no the talent helper of zoey 101 and unfab. and drake and josh and maybe he can help it asweome. i just really wana meet this girl she is just to hot and if shes hot i gatta meet her. and she stars on a really cool show her and jamie are 2 very hot hotties just jamies older and taller than me (bad).
  • victoria justice is very beautiful and very talented!

    victoria justice is a great actress and i first saw her in an episode of the suite life of zack fairest of them all and i didnt know she was lola on zoey 101 until i heard about it on this website and i think that is so cool! i think she should keep acting for the rest of her life because i know she will make it very far in the acting buisness because she is very talented and beautiful! she is very good on zoey 101 i didnt reconize her so i was like oh my gosh thats her so thats very cool that she is in that! she should keep up the good work!
  • Victoria I must say has done a fantastic job surpassing Kristin Hererra.

    I first saw that gorgeous girl Victoria when she took a giant step onto the Zoey 101 set, and shows us how a new character introduces herself!

    Victoria in zoey 101, I have to say, I like a lot more than Kristin who plays Dana, she makes the show a lot more colourful, and is an exciting new addition to the cast. I especially liked her opening episode, where she successfully convinces unsuspecting Zoey and Nicole that she's some kind of psycho-chick. It was rather amusing watching Zoey and Nicole's reactions to her actions, such as drinking eggs (which aren't REALLY eggs) and pretending to be about to pierce her tongue.

    I really hope she makes it big in the world of acting and TV, she deserves it!
  • She is reall really beautiful!!!

    I didn't know anything about Victoria Justice untill I saw
    her in Zoey 101 season two, so it is a little hard to say. When I saw her I thought to myself she is the THE BEST
    thing that has happened to in my life.
    She was the most beautiful person I have ever seen and her acting in zoey 101 is brilliant.
    In my opinion Victoria would definetly win an Oscar before her nine teenth birthday. I hope she keeps up the modeling
    and the acting and become the best actress and model in the
    world. I hope she makes great movies!!
  • Victoria is a good actress.

    I thought Victoria was sweet and pretty on The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. That was the first thing I saw her on. Now I really like her role on Zoey 101. The episode where she scared her new roommates out of her dorm room was funny. I also liked it when she went undercover as a guy to prove that guys don't act different when girls are around.I was surprised to learn that I was older then Victoria because I think she looks older than she actually is. Hopefully Victoria Justice is on Zoey 101 for a long time. I think she is a good actress.

    God she is just sooo annoying I don't like her 1 bit she thinks she is all cool just because she "tries" to act like an actress, she is not good(talented wise) and has she ever heard of style her outfits and make-up is too weird, and she took Dana's spot which makes her even worse and just because she took Dana's spot is not the only reason I hate her. words can not describe how much I "hate her with a passion" I'll put it like that just to be nice. If you agree that Dan S. should kick off Lola and try to get back Dana press that thumbs up button!! : )
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