Victoria Rowell

Victoria Rowell


5/10/1960, Portland, Maine

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Victoria Rowell is best known for her 8 years on Diagnosis Murder starring as Dr. Amanda Bentley, an LA County Medical Examiner. After the show ended in 2001, Victoria has starred in two more Diagnosis Murder movies, one aired in February, the other one will air during May…more


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    • Victoria: I hope in the future, daytime will consider more Hispanic, Asian, and black actors, directors, and producers to participate in this rich performance give shows a true depiction of what the world really looks like.

    • Victoria (on rumors that she left Y&R due to a lack of a pre-Emmy nomination): It wasn't the reason there were other contributing factors, but it was the catalyst. Clearly, the voting system is contaminated. Other actors were left off of the ballot as well that deserved to be included. My peers on other programs were in effect denied the opportunity to vote for work based on merit rather than "in-house" popularity. TV Guide and The Los Angeles Times hav ewritten smart articles about daytime voting. The Emmy, which is the highest televised recognition, translates into advertising dollars, I would think. What I don't understnad is when a corporation does not intercept the practice of a voting system that helps a company lose. My recommentation: that the voting system be responsibly redesigned.

    • Victoria Rowell (her favourite designers): I love Leona Edmiston. She happens to be Australian, and her showroom is in LA. I wear a lot of her stuff. The fashion people in Australia will be familiar with her. She has beautiful things.

    • Victoria Rowell (on visiting Australia): I'm waiting for the invitation! I would love to go there. I have two shows that have screened there - Y&R, of course, and Diagnosis Murder. It's ridiculous that I don't go! There is a popular skin care company there called 'Ultraceuticals'. I use their products, and they were trying to figure a way to work with me down there.

    • Victoria Rowell (her number one passion): Working and being artistic, and part of that is remaining in the game and trying to cultivate your art. So, cultivating your art means travelling to Australia! [Laughs]

    • Victoria Rowell (on the foundation she set up for foster-children): All the information is on my website, Coming up, I'm putting together an art tour with Manuela Nelson, who is the wife of Prince. We are going to collaborate on foster care and children's art. I do a lot of collaboration throughout the year with different celebrities.

    • Victoria Rowell (on sharing scenes with Michelle Stafford on Y&R): We have great on-screen chemistry. Unfortunately, the writers aren't writing us together. I don't think Michelle wants to do comedic scenes. I will say this in her defence. When you put the energy that we put into something, and there's no category supporting it at the Daytime Emmys - a comedy category, which we would win hands down - maybe it's not pushing her in the direction she wants Phyllis to go in. I love working with her and I continue to ask for those scenes.

    • Victoria Rowell (on socialising with people from the Y&R cast): I come to work to work. I have enough friends. I don't socialise with people I work with, typically. I do Daytime and I'm always on to something else. I'm not into wasting everyone else's time, and I don't like my time wasted. We are here briefly on this earth trying to make the most of it!

    • Victoria Rowell: My kids gave me my first childhood.

  • She is such a great actress.Why did she have to leave the 'Young and the Restless'?

    Victoria is the best actress.She should have stayed on the Young and the Restless.She was my favorite chracter as Drucilla Winters.I just couldn't stand seeing her fall off the stupid cliff.I think that she should stay.Lily,Devon and Neil need her.Lily was screaming her hed off.Neil was crying for the first time ever holding the coat they found.Dru is the only reason why I watch this show.Why did you leave Victoria,why?The Young and the Restless will be stupid without her.moreless