Victoria Sanchez

Victoria Sanchez


1/24/1976, Canary Islands, Spain

Birth Name

Victoria Stefania Guayarmina Sanchez Mandryk Ariza


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Victoria was born January 24, 1976. in Canary Islands, Spain. She is a daughter of a Polish dancer and a Spanish documentary filmmaker. Victoria knew what she wanted to do when she was seven. In age of 9, Victoria moved to Canada with her family. There, she graduated…more


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    • Victoria: I just recently found out that I was actually nominated for FANGORIA's best actress CHAINSAW AWARD in 2003 and I never knew! I still don't even know who won - but I was nominated alongside amazing actresses such as Naomi Watts, Patricia Clarkson, Aaliyah and Laura Linney! You can imagine my surprise... (Victoria's post from her fansite)

    • Victoria: An uncensored version was never released to my knowledge. I even heard from Lily the dog faced girl and other people with hypertricosis. Having hair all over your face and/or body is a real condition, and people like you and I have it. And it was fascinating to learn about them and to be able to tell their story in a way. I will never forget it. (Victoria's post from her fansite)

    • Victoria: It was fascinating, I've also been interested with oddities and freaks since a very young age. Whenever I would fall on a documentary or magazine article or books about people with deformations or conditions, I was very curious to know how they lived or what they were like. (about Wolf Girl)

    • Victoria: My brother is in the movie business. My dad is a documentary film director. My mother's a ballerina. So we're very into the arts. I just want to explore all of it.

    • Victoria: Where do I see myself in ten years? With adopted children (laughs). Just in a comfortable place in my life. I'll be happy choosing scripts, making movies not just as an actress but as a producer and as a director. And helping people. Doing humanitarian work. (answering Joe Vannicola's question where does she see herself in ten years)

    • Victoria: I don't get scared easily, you know. I really don't. I've seen so many horror movies and it's very rare that anything really scares me. There's a couple of Japanese horror movies that have real great elements, creepy elements that really freak me out.

    • Victoria: I have nothing against nudity as long as it's needed for the film and it's part of the film. I do have something against just gratuitously showing everything for nothing. When it's not needed, then I try not to do it.

    • Victoria: It's based on true events. It's specifically based on the life of Countess Erzsebet Bathory who lived in the late 1500s and killed over 650 young women to bathe in their blood. She believed that by drinking their blood, and bathing in it, her beauty and youth would be preserved. So she's a little bit sadistic. She has some issues and she is the biggest serial killer of all time. Not a lot of people know that. People talk about vampirism as coming from Vlad The Impaler and, actually, she's the real root of vampirism. She was the one who killed and tortured so many young women...virgins, particularly, in very horrible ways and drank blood. She was the one. Vlad never drank blood. (talking about countess Erzsebet Bathory and movie "Eternal")

    • Victoria: What a great woman. She is an angel and I'll never forget her. Beautiful soul. (about an actress Darlene Cates)

    • Victoria: I did a film called "Wolf Girl" that came out here three years ago. That was an interesting movie. I play a girl who has a condition called hypertrichosis, she was covered with hair everywhere. Four to nine hours of special effects makeup everyday. I worked about twenty hours a day on that one in Rumania. (about filming "Wolf Girl")