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  • The most incredible woman on earth

    Tell me, do you know anyone who is absolutely gorgeous, extremely sweet, very nice, always positive, always smiling, has amazing fashion, is extremely glamorous and is just an absolutely beautiful woman inside and out? If you answered no, it's because you probably don't know Victoria Silvstedt yet. It might sound to good to be true, but Victoria Silvstedt is really all that. I don't know anyone else who is as amazing as this woman. I think she is just the perfect woman, an idol for everybody. I'm so happy that I know of her and I've watched her show, because this woman is the most incredible woman that I know and I don't think anyone else can be as amazing as her!
  • Stunning woman

    Victoria Silvstedt has everything: she is very intelligent, she looks stunning, she is a very funny, nice and interesting person, her outfits are always beautiful and glamorous and her personality is just amazing. She grew up in a small village in Sweden but now goes around the world the whole time for business and pleasure and has become an extremely successful model and tv-personality. She is just absolutely fantastic, you really can't hate her because she really has everything you could look for in a woman, which makes it no surprise she is so successful. she really is absolutely amazing, stunning, wonderful, glamorous, incredible and beautiful <3 I really love her