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  • Enough already.

    I think that Vince McMahon has made some good business chocies and some bad choices. I think that he has treated Smackdown as a second fiddle, so he might as well just scrap it. Since he treats Raw as gold, it would make more sense if he just didn't bother trying to fool everyone into thinking that he cares for Smackdown and ECW when he doesn't care that much as much as Raw. I am not a fan of his and I will never be. The mainstream celebrities never really care for his product and there is a good reason. Thank you.
  • Vincent Kennedy McMahon is a great wrestling promoter

    Vincent Kennedy McMahon is a great wrestling promoter bot he just is not the chairmen he is a great person. He has the WWE go over to see the troops every Christmas, and he has done a lot with kids like reading programs, and with make a wish foundation. Vince worked his way up in the wrestling business Vince McMahon bought the company from his father in 1982. Vince created the empire known as the WWF from 1982-2002 then now called the World wrestling Entertainment. Vince McMahon is consider the founder of sports entertainment. He created the Super bowl of wrestling in WrestleMania. Vince has also branched out of the wrestling business. Including the XFL in 2001 and the World Bodybuilding Federation in 1991. The WBF lasted 18 months... the XFL only one season. Although Vince McMahon's XFL was considered a failure, their broadcasts used the Sky Cam (a camera which was suspended over the field of play), a technology developed for XFL broadcasts and now used by the NFL. Vince has help a lot of wrestlers like Stone Cold, The Rock Triple H, Eddie Guerrero and Shawn micheals. Vince has had some great rivalries with Stone Cold(made attitude era) The Rock Ric Flair Triple H Hulk Hogan The Undertaker, and Shawn micheals(McMahonism VS God) If You don't think that Vince is one of the all time greats YOU'RE FIRED!!!!!!
  • You can thank him for the industry known as World Wrestling Entertainment!!!

    This is the dude t hat had started it all. The legendary Vincent Kennedy McMahon! Also one of the richest tycoons/ billionares in the whole dang world! This man is awesome and I look up to him, as a businessman, I just don't know how he does it; and also as I plan to become a pro wrestler one day, I'm gonna be his business on Friday nights. We might be beefin in the ring, but outside it, he gonna be one of my best friends. At least thats what I'm planning. This dude is a sheer genius! Even though he be buggin when he in the ring, he just be so dang funny, especially when he switching when he makes his entrance. But, bottom line: Vince Mcmahon is #1!
  • McMahon's legacy as a promoter will be legendary, however, the person himself is less than respectable and will be remember as a guy who only cares about making millions for the business and ignoring several touchy issues in wrestling.

    On a scale of 1-10, as a promoter no doubt McMahon is a 10, as a person one would have to rate the person somewhere around a 1 or four. It's been obvious over the last decade or so it's clear McMahon's ego and his mannerism have taken a dive for the worse.

    Despite all the tragedies in wrestling there's been very little done in terms of the health, sanity and overall perception of wrestling to the public. The wellness program the WWE has in place is shaky at best and is far, far too limited in it's use that it's almost a joke.

    McMahon and the company have shown over time to care more about the business, money side things than everything else. The steroids scandal in the 90's was handled poorly by the WWE which basically denied the use. The WWE since still stands by this position and gives very little in terms of taking responsibility over their wrestlers.

    It's not surprising to see McMahon with his critics, as he and the company bring this all on themselves. His tremendous contribution to wrestling, however, will never be taking away. He put the other companies out of business.

    He's built up superstars from other feds that were underused -Jericho, Guerrero, and the late Chris Benoit and really gave them the opportunity to showcase their talents.

    He created with input one of the most popular spectables in all wrestling named it "Wrestlemania" and from then on has created an empire, a monopoloy, on prowrestling. He is without a doubt, a smart business man. As a person, though, I can't say I admire him. I'am a wrestling fan who watches wrestling from any company, however, looking at Vince over the past decades has made me lose respect for him the way he approaches several touchy issues.

    Instead, of standing up for what's right and trying to clean up the business more, instead as a businessman he cares more about the business side of things.
  • One in a million!

    He is not just the chairman of World Wrestling Entertainment, but Vincent Kennedy McMahon is truly one of the greatest people ever to be known from wrestling itself. He has really worked his way up ever since he bought the business from his father back in 1982. He has been a play-by-play announcer, wrestler, and of course the man in charge. The boss. You don't cross the boss. Because he is the boss. And that is the bottom line, because I said so.
  • McMahon has made a successful industry.

    Vince McMahon should be praised for the work he has done. Lately people have criticized the chairman of the board for what he has done since 2003, but WWE wouldn't exist by 2003 if McMahon hadn't put it on the map. The attitude era I believe was his biggest accomplishment, I don't think anyone could ever match that in the Wrestling business ever again.
  • Vince is a legend without him there would never be a WWE

    Vince McMahon has made one great business he has beat the monday night war with WCW and knocking ECW out of business. Vince McMahon is a genius and if you hate this guy its stupid cause he made wwe what it is today. Vince has made wrestling entertainment worth watching and hes done a great job of it as he would risk anything to keep the fans happy, like putting his hair on the line against trump. Hes also give us classic matches such as the mcmahon vs austin era, mcmahon helmsley faction which was brilliant, wwe vs wcw and ecw. Vince has proved how good he is in the ring aswell such as winning royal rumble 1999, hes been a wwe champion when he beat triple h. You cant say vince sucks or anything cause without him there would not be a wwe. vince will find a way to take out TNA like what he did with wcw and ecw.
  • the biggest innovator in wrestling history.

    Vince is the ultimate heel on screen there is nothing too low for him. The guy wet himself on live tv to make the show more interesting. He plays a guy who is an utter egotist and he is way too good at it. The guy did take wrestling worldwide and after his corperation went public he was a billionare for a while if that is still true as he claims is a good question. Like him or not vince is larger than life.
  • Vincent McMahon is average, not the greatest of all-time in television

    Now this is a "television" site. Now when it comes to his business tycooning, he is definently one of the all-time greats. However, in my opinion, he's not that hot of an actor. When he creates his plots on WWE, he for some reason always wants to include himself in it. I really don't watch the show when he appears on there as he just screws everything up. However, he sure is one heck of a family man. He filthy stinking rich and intelligent. The fact still remians though, Vince needs to let the wrestler and annoucers handle the storyline instead of him all the time.
  • Good ol\' Vince

    Vince McMahon shows that people with a lot of money are plain better then everyone else. The owner of the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) he has beaten up some of the people that work for him yet they still stay on his show..

    ~ Vince Mcmahon.... American Hero of Today ~

    Dont you think?