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Vince McMahon Trivia


  • Trivia

    • Vince went to the University of East Carolina

    • Vince has a daughter named Stephanie.

    • Thanks to Bobby Lashley and Donald Trump, Vince had his head shaved bald at Wrestlemania 23 and now wears a top hat.

    • He has a $12 million pent house in New York City.

    • He has been married to his wife Linda since 1966.

    • He has a son, Shane.

    • Although Vince McMahon's XFL was considered a failure, their broadcasts used the SkyCam (a camera which was suspended over the field of play), a technology developed for XFL broadcasts and now used by the NFL.

    • Vince McMahon tried his hand at a few non-wrestling ventures, including the XFL in 2001 and the World Bodybuilding Federation in 1991. The WBF lasted 18 months... the XFL only one season.

    • Vince once appeared on Late Night with David Letterman during a New Year's bit as a commentator. He was stationed outside a hospital waiting for the first baby born in the New Year.

    • Vince McMahon bought the WWE (which was orginally called the WWWF World Wide Wrestling Federation) from his Father, Vince McMahon Senior.

  • Quotes

    • Vince: Nobody says no to Vince McMahon! Nobody! Not you, not them or anyone! It's in your contract! Nobody says no to Vince McMahon! Nobody!

    • Vince: And now Austin… Austin, now you know. There is no price, I will not pay. There is no depth, that I will not stoop, to make your life on Earth, Austin, a total, complete, living hell!

    • Vince: Bobby Lashley says that WrestleMania 23 was the best night of his life. Well at Backlash it will be the worst night of his life!

    • Vince: I am the lord, the master and god, of all sports entertainment!

    • Vince:(as a commentator) One, two and three, he got him, he got him, oh wait, no he didn't.

    • Vince: McMahonism is the theology of the masses!

    • Vince: Blessed be the name of Vincent Kennedy McMahon!

    • Vince:(as a commentator) Welcome everyone to Monday Night RAW!

    • Vince:(as a commentator) Ladies and gentlemen...welcome to the magnificent Silverdome...and welcome to WrestleMania III!!

    • Vince:(as a commentator) There's only one Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels...oh wow! Look at that!

    • Vince: Nobody yells at me. I'm Vincent Kennedy McMahon. I yell at you.

    • Vince: I'm gonna make your life a living hell.

    • Mr. McMahon: YOU'RE FIRED!!!!!!

    • Vince: We need to continue to grow those networks because the appeal of MTV is a limited demographic compared to the much larger demographic which the WWF attracts.

    • Vince: We love our fans, so there's nothing we wouldn't do for them, and we go directly to them.

    • Vince: We do have our finger on the pulse of the marketplace, if for no other reasons than having all these live events and listening to our audience all the time.

    • Vince: There's no Hollywood outlet for this. The Rock's hooked, like all of us are.

    • Vince: There is a great deal of deference, a great deal of respect shown to one another, and a great deal of teamwork. There is also a lot of competitiveness and a lot of testosterone and estrogen, and that's just wonderful.

    • Vince: The standards are being lowered, not just on the Internet, but in all of news and media.

    • Vince: The one thing you cannot get from any other form of entertainment - you cannot get the rush of 20,000 people, what they give you as a performer. No actor can get that.

    • Vince: The key, of course, is to stay away from the losing years.

    • Vince: The contributions and sacrifices of so many people in this organization through so many years have created this sensation.

    • Vince: Sometimes you have to take a half step back to take two forward.

    • Vince: So, I don't know why Bret would think that he should have some right to ownership or right to usage of videotape, which is no different than any actor who performs in any sitcom or television show.

    • Vince: So we're living by that sword, and we're going to cut every now and then from it's backlash.

    • Vince: So no, I don't think we've lost our edge at all.

    • Vince: This time if Bob Costas gets in my way, I'm going to forget that he is 4-feet-10 and 120 pounds.

    • Vince: The biggest thrill in the world is entertaining the public, there is no bigger thrill than that.

    • Vince: So no, I don't think we've lost our edge at all.

    • Vince: We were moderately disappointed in some of the promotion for some of their channels. TNN is difficult to find sometimes.

    • Mr. McMahon: (Walks im the Locker room and sees Trish Stratus and Shelton Benjamin.) What the hell is going on here?! It's a woman (Trish) in a towel. I mean this is unconsciable. This scandlous. I can see the moral fabric of America discondergrating right before my very own eyes. The sexual over tones. The racial over tones.

      Shelton Benjamin: Excuse me?!

      Mr.McMahon: Well Shelton, you may not relise this, but you're an African-American. And everybody knows that African-Americans are atracted to Canadian white women with broken noses(Trish.) No, I'm sorry but the FFC will not tolerate this and neither will I! I mean i'm not gonna have a locker room full of mystery and indiviants! This is the WWE! This is not the NFL! And it's damn sure not the NBA! Because of this kind of sexual stipulation that will send you up to other er professional wrestlers up to the stands to attack the audience. And if that were to happen, that would be the down fall of civiltation as we know it.

      Benjamin: You know what, you really need to lighten up! (Leaves the locker room)

      Mr.McMahon: But I'm the board of directors to answer to him (Benjamin). Someone has to apole the virtue... (Is now talking to Trish) Is he (Benjamin) gone?

      Trish: Yep. (Tries to Make out with Vince but her nose thing is in the way.)

      Mr.McMahahon: Oh my god! Oh, Oh yeah! (Is now talking to the fans) Are you ready for some wrestling?!

    • Mr.McMahon:Last night was the most embarissing night of my life. As my Son Shane McMahon and I along with the Sprit Squad were just about to beat the crap out of DX from the heavens above excity fell on us! And now DX are in the truck. I will not have that! Well it will never (Mic is off and Vince gets another mic) Give me another microphone that works dammit! (towards the guys handing him a microphone) No one (Mic is making funny sounds) I know it's you, you better give me back my mic! (To DX in the truck) No one will ever embarrass me like that again! (Vince's voice changes into a chipmunk) No one, ever, is going to... (fans starts laughing) Hello, hello? That's not me talking. (Vince pauses and the fans are still laughing.) Dammit, you people think this is funny! (The fans are laughing louder now) (Vince talks like a chipmunk to DX in the truck again) You better damn well lower my mic, and lower it now! (Vince's voice gets deep) I'm not Alvin the Chipmunk! (fans are still laughing) I'm not… Barry White. (fans still laughing) I sound like… Darth Vader speaking. (fans still laughing) Dammit, you better normalize my Mic! (Vince's voice goes back to normal) Damnit……… That's more like it. (DX starts making farting sounds) That wasn't me, that was that damn DX! They have no respect for me, no respect for my family, no respect for this business, no respect for any of you. None, whatsoever. You see what DX really is , well they're children. (DX draws a chicken on the screen and they write the words "I love cocks" inside a bubble pointing to McMahon.) I don't find any humor in that at all!

      Triple H: Vince, Vince if you think we can't embarass you any further..., watch this. (The titantron shows the McMahons and the Spirit Squad getting dumped by human waste with DX music in the background.)

      Mr.McMahon: Well at Saturday Night's main event DX will go against all five members of the Spirit Squad in an elimination match. How's that?! (DX puts on the laughing speaker) Can laughter, real clever. (Vince says his last few sentences and is interrupted by night sounds.) Can you at least please have some respect for me so you can play my music and then I can leave. (No Chance in Hell is playing and then it changes into Stand Back and Vince walks off angrily.)

    • Mr.McMahon: In this very ring...

    • Mr.McMahon:If I were someone named Mr. Ass, I'd be really worried about doing time.(talking about DX going to jail)

    • Mr.McMahon: I'm sorry. I didn't hear a word you said. I was just listening to Ashlee Simpson on my new iPod - Christ she sucks! (towards Daivari and Jonathan Coachman during the Trial Eric Bischoff.)

    • Mr. McMahon:Just keep dialing, just keep dialing!(Towards Shane McMahon while he's on the phone to find out if the Ministry of Darkness is at Vince McMahon's house.)

    • Vince: So I think, in as much as I applaud the Internet, it has contributed to the acceleration of what was already in decline.

    • Vince: Obviously, we've got some time problems with doing a Pay-Per-View outside the country.

    • Vince: It's the greatest form of sports-entertainment in history, and the audience loves it for that, but at one time, this industry was lying to the public.

    • Vince: We're going to be treated very poorly, I think that goes with the territory, and you have to get over it, get beyond it and know who you are among your peers and especially among your family when you look in the mirror.

    • Vince: It's difficult to do that internally, because you're flying five, six hours.

    • Vince: One of the problems with the Internet is that a lot of times it is inaccurate.

    • Vince: Quite frankly, I prefer 90-minute events.

    • Vince: Or we could do a Pay-Per-View and then RAW and SmackDown!, but it requires a lot of people to go, and the expense on that is astronomical, transporting sets and all that.

    • Vince: It's Bret choice not to want that. I'm alright with it.

    • Mr. McMahon: RAW ratings have held.

    • Mr.McMahon: I'm Vincent Kennedy McMahon, Dammit!!

    • Mr. McMahon: To you, and everybody else in the world, my name is not VINCE, my name is MR. MCMAHON! (To Triple H and John Cena at May 8, 2006 edition of RAW, as they were trying to convince Vince to allow a championship match on the spot)

    • Mr.McMahon: SHUT UP! I mean overruled.(to Jonathan Coachman during the Trial of Eric Bischoff)

    • Vince McMahon: Welcome everyone to Monday Night RAW!