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    • Mr.McMahon:Last night was the most embarissing night of my life. As my Son Shane McMahon and I along with the Sprit Squad were just about to beat the crap out of DX from the heavens above excity fell on us! And now DX are in the truck. I will not have that! Well it will never (Mic is off and Vince gets another mic) Give me another microphone that works dammit! (towards the guys handing him a microphone) No one (Mic is making funny sounds) I know it's you, you better give me back my mic! (To DX in the truck) No one will ever embarrass me like that again! (Vince's voice changes into a chipmunk) No one, ever, is going to... (fans starts laughing) Hello, hello? That's not me talking. (Vince pauses and the fans are still laughing.) Dammit, you people think this is funny! (The fans are laughing louder now) (Vince talks like a chipmunk to DX in the truck again) You better damn well lower my mic, and lower it now! (Vince's voice gets deep) I'm not Alvin the Chipmunk! (fans are still laughing) I'm not… Barry White. (fans still laughing) I sound like… Darth Vader speaking. (fans still laughing) Dammit, you better normalize my Mic! (Vince's voice goes back to normal) Damnit……… That's more like it. (DX starts making farting sounds) That wasn't me, that was that damn DX! They have no respect for me, no respect for my family, no respect for this business, no respect for any of you. None, whatsoever. You see what DX really is , well they're children. (DX draws a chicken on the screen and they write the words "I love cocks" inside a bubble pointing to McMahon.) I don't find any humor in that at all!

      Triple H: Vince, Vince if you think we can't embarass you any further..., watch this. (The titantron shows the McMahons and the Spirit Squad getting dumped by human waste with DX music in the background.)

      Mr.McMahon: Well at Saturday Night's main event DX will go against all five members of the Spirit Squad in an elimination match. How's that?! (DX puts on the laughing speaker) Can laughter, real clever. (Vince says his last few sentences and is interrupted by night sounds.) Can you at least please have some respect for me so you can play my music and then I can leave. (No Chance in Hell is playing and then it changes into Stand Back and Vince walks off angrily.)