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    • Mr. McMahon: (Walks im the Locker room and sees Trish Stratus and Shelton Benjamin.) What the hell is going on here?! It's a woman (Trish) in a towel. I mean this is unconsciable. This scandlous. I can see the moral fabric of America discondergrating right before my very own eyes. The sexual over tones. The racial over tones.

      Shelton Benjamin: Excuse me?!

      Mr.McMahon: Well Shelton, you may not relise this, but you're an African-American. And everybody knows that African-Americans are atracted to Canadian white women with broken noses(Trish.) No, I'm sorry but the FFC will not tolerate this and neither will I! I mean i'm not gonna have a locker room full of mystery and indiviants! This is the WWE! This is not the NFL! And it's damn sure not the NBA! Because of this kind of sexual stipulation that will send you up to other er professional wrestlers up to the stands to attack the audience. And if that were to happen, that would be the down fall of civiltation as we know it.

      Benjamin: You know what, you really need to lighten up! (Leaves the locker room)

      Mr.McMahon: But I'm the board of directors to answer to him (Benjamin). Someone has to apole the virtue... (Is now talking to Trish) Is he (Benjamin) gone?

      Trish: Yep. (Tries to Make out with Vince but her nose thing is in the way.)

      Mr.McMahahon: Oh my god! Oh, Oh yeah! (Is now talking to the fans) Are you ready for some wrestling?!