Vince Vaughn





3/28/1970 , Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Birth Name

Vincent Anthony Vaughn




Vince was born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota to Vernon and Sharon Vaughn. Due to his mother's love for double v names, he has two sisters named Valeri and Victoria, and three dogs named Viking, Vero and Vladimir. Vince had small roles in several shows before he hit it big with his role in the hit movie Swingers. The role was written for him by his friend Jon Favreau. From there, he appeared in The Lost World, the sequel to Jurassic Park , The Cell, Return to Paradise and Domestic Disturbance. In 2003, he appeared in his first "Frat Pack" movie and from there, almost every movie he has been in has featured actors from the Frat Pack. Vince continues to make and produce movies and he has became one of the most famous actors in Hollywood.