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  • The Zoo / My Pet Elephant

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    S 1 : Ep 7 - 2/20/00

    The Zoo: Miss Murray takes the class to the zoo, and Little Bill is very excited to see his favorite animals, the elephants. He asks Miss Murray if they can see the elephants first, but his teacher points out that they are going to follow the zoo map, and unfortunately, the elephants are the last exhibit. Bill waits patiently, and when they finally get to the elephant cage, the other children want to leave because the elephants are shy about coming out. Bill does his impersonation of an elephant roar and gets the attention of a baby elephant.

    My Pet Elephant
    : After his trip to the zoo, Little Bill decides he wants a pet, and asks Brenda for permission to pick out an animal at the pet store. Brenda relents when the rest of the family, including Big Bill, beg her too. When Little Bill asks if he can have an elephant for his pet, Brenda explains that elephants are too big to live in houses. With some help from Mr. Percy, the pet store owner, Little Bill settles on a hamster and names it Elephant.

  • Monty's Roar / Natural Root Pals

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    S 1 : Ep 3 - 12/12/99

    Monty's Roar:
    Alice the Great invites an old friend over and she brings her grandson, Monty, along to play with Little Bill. Little Bill is a little uneasy about how to act around Monty, who uses a wheelchair. The two boys quickly become fast friends after Monty mentions his love of dinosaurs and they begin to play a dinosaur game, pretending to eat the room and stomp around making squawking noises.

    Natural Root Pals:
    When Brenda takes Little Bill along on her trip to the hair salon, he becomes bored since he has no one to play with. Several minutes later, his classmate Dorado arrives with his mother, Valencia, and the boys amuse themselves by pretending to go on a "space walk" using the hair dryers as helmets. Brenda and Dorado's mother agree to schedule their hair appointments at the same time so the boys can play together.moreless