Vincent D'Onofrio





6/30/1959 , Brooklyn New York USA

Birth Name

Vincent Phillip D'Onofrio




This young actor pulled a De Niro to perform the role of a boot-camp underachiever turned fullblown psycho in Kubrick's Vietnam movie Full Metal Jacket (1987), adding many pounds to his normally slender frame. Because he was a complete unknown at the time, audiences couldn't appreciate the extent of his physical transformation but were impressed by his uncanny, terrifying performance. Since returning to his normal dimensions, D'Onofrio hasn't snagged a role as memorable, but has been reasonably good in Adventures in Babysitting (1987), Mystic Pizza (1988), and Dying Young (1991). In 1991 he played an Argentinian pimp with peculiar ideas about propriety in Leonard Schrader's peculiar Naked Tango Recent credits include Fires Within (1991, with his then-wife Greta Scacchi), The Player (1992), Household Saints (1993), Being Human and Ed Wood (both 1994).
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