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  • Great Show

    One of the best series I have enjoyed I will be ordering the entire series Love the way he gets the perp to give himself or herself up
  • The perfect actor.

    Great. Wonderful on "C.I".

    I am really mad that they discontinued CI. You are in my top 3 of favorite actors and I really miss the show and you on it. Dick Wolfe must have had a bad day when he decided to cancel your show. It was great and I enjoy the script and you. I watch all the re-runs so I try to see it daily somewhere. Thanks for giving so much of yourself so we may have someone to look for, enjoy and admire..
  • I miss you

    I record L&O:CI on my DVR so I can watch it over and over. I wish they would bring it back. I agree that he should have his own show--I would record it to watch over and over. Extremely good looking and "SEXY"--right up there with Sean Connery and Harrison Ford. Would have a hard time picking--but Mr. D'Onofrio is closer to my age. SOMEBODY get him back on TV!!
  • He'll make you melt

    When he starts interrogating, watch out! He can get mean, and his role playing is fierce! I love his presence on the show. The perfect detective!
  • I have been absolutely smitten with Mr. D'Onofrio I first saw him.I only watch CI on the Sunday's he appears-gads give him his own show!I only watch CI reruns.His roll in MIB was fab.He's the best and makes CI the BEST LAO on television.More air time pls!

    He should have his own show depicting the quirky, nearly bumbling detective he currently plays. Columbo was the precurser and now we have Mr. D'Onofrio. May he always be someplace so we can be entertained and impressed by him. Yes, he's my all time favorite star and I'm truly not easily impressed by television and all it's wrappings. But I always tape his CI episodes. Amazing is what he is. I hope he stars in his own film soon, it could only be absolutely impressive and destined to become a classic. I hope USA doesn't go the way of NBC.
  • Certain actors are not only talented, but good-looking, and extremely charismatic - these actors usually become movie stars. Then there are those who are slaves to their craft - who hone and fine tune their skills at every opportunity.

    These actors are sometimes called quirky, or sometimes they are labeled as "difficult to work with." They rarely become movie stars; not in the conventional sense, that they are immediately recognizable, or become "household names." They are instead, what I like to call "an acquired taste." If you follow the work of these actors, you are often rewarded with performances that will stick in your head for years to come. This has been a rather long-winded way of summing up Vincent D'Onofrio - an actor who was, for example, astounding in the drama, The Whole Wide World, playing the author of the Conan-The Barbarian series, who later committed suicide. Or maybe you caught his breakout performance in Full Metal Jacket, playing the sensitive but deeply disturbed recruit; called "Gomer Pyle" by the sadistic drill sargeant. Or maybe you only know him as Det. Bobby Goren, on L&O-Criminal Intent; and watched him perform, sometimes "over the top" or a bit erratic, but always compelling - the "elephant in the room", if you will. It will be great to see his return, if only for a brief period. Then we can wait for him to be brilliant - in whatever he chooses next.
  • I love him i figured it out he does have that talent that keeps you interested all the time.

    He makes the best law and order their are.I always look for the ones he is in.I am a big fan now because of him thats why i really became a big fan of this show.I think about it night and day.He has a way about him that keeps you coming back for more .I watch it 24 7 if he is in there.The team him and her make is awesome they should have their own show.He shows that little bit of crazy side that scares you but excites you at the same time.It just keeps you on the edge of your seat.When this is on i dont wanna answer the phone or leave.I hate missing anything he is in.It has got to be the best law and order that i have ever watched.He will keep you going back for more and you cant get enough.Please keep him coming back i would love to see him in other movies i just cant get enough
  • It is my opinion that Vincent D'Onofrio is the most incredible, believable actor I've ever seen in a television role and he earns every penny he gets.

    Give them the money. They definitely have earned it. It's not like the series is never going to end. They have to plan for their future. Not everyone is going to get another plum role again, are they? Vincent D'Onofrio appears to put his heart and sole into every story and we, the audiance, find ourselves wrapped up in his character, his thought process. My husband and I look forward to each and every episode with Vincent D'Onofrio in it. Kathryn Erbe compliments his chaacter and they work off each other beautifully. We would rather see more of these characters on Criminal Intent than we would Jeff Goldblum. Please don't tell me this series is going to end. Marie H., Lansing, MI
  • A pleasure to watch

    Vincent D'Onofrio, both as Detective Goren in Law and Order: Criminal Intent, and in his film roles, is a pleasure to watch. The characters he portrays are complex and often conflicted. In his Law and Order: Criminal Intent role, his character often seems to project sympathy and understanding for people who have committed horrific acts. Sometimes at the end of the episode, you discover that he was simply pretending, and that once the criminal has confessed he immediately condemns their actions in the harshest possible terms. However on other occasions, it is not as clear whether he is pretending sympathy or if he actually feels it. Because of this, he's one of my favorite actors to watch.
  • A very talented actor

    The first time I saw Vincent D'Onofrio was in Men in Black and he did play very well the rule given to him and now with Law & Order: Criminal Intent, he shows that not only he is a very good and talented actor but he is also a very versatile one. I must say that without him, the show Law & Order: Criminal Intent loses. He rocks as Detective Robert Goren and the scenes with him and Detective Eames are awesome.

    He's a great actor and I hope to see more of him in the TV.

    I'm a fan of Vincent D'Onofrio.
  • Law & Order - An oldie but a goodie!! Vincent and Kathryn deserve extra money. They have stuck with the show and given us many years of good entertainment. Vincent needs to lose a little weight.

    If Jerry Seinfeld can earn $5,000,000 per episode I think Vincent and Kathryn deserve what they are getting plus more. They have given us years of good entertainment. Chris Noth deserted the ship years ago and has come back in lately. He is not half the actor or personality that Vincent as Goran is in the show. Kathryn is great. She plays the part well and is excellent stand up for Vincent. She is a star in her own right although seemingly playing the lessor role. Indeed she does not. She compliments Vincent.
    As for the other ladies/girls who have appeared on the show - they are ridiculously young and thus incredible.

    I think Vincent/Goran would be advised to lose that extra weight. Perhaps this lessens his sex appeal and therefore the shows popularity.

    I love Law & Order - all varieties.
  • A must see

    Strangely the first time I encountered D'Onofrio was in Men in Black and even then I was blown away. That was until I watched this older movie of his he did soemtime in 1987 i think, can't remember the name but that was absolutely in a different class. His actig was A-class to me and as if that was not enough, I got into law and order: criminal intent and this guy jus does not stop. He is playing a different ball game and very few people can do what he does. I believe he is underused but even so whenever he strikes a role........ in a class of his own
  • Vincent D'Onofrio is awesome!!!

    Vincent D'Onofrio is a very, very talented actor. He can really put some comedy in a drama series. I am a huge fan of his. When he talks on Law And Order CI its not like he's reading from a script its like he's a real detective and the words are coming out of his mouth for the first time. I also like to watch him because he does some pretty funny things sometimes he'll be dancing in the background. He's also a great actor because when he says stuff the expressions on his face match perfectly. Vincent D'Onofrio is an awesome actor!!
  • Just plain awesome!

    Personally I think he's a better actor then Robert Deniro. Just the best at bringing his own quirks to any person he plays. Not to mention, he freaking rocks as Detective Robert Goren! The scenes with him and Detective Eames are awesome. Plus when he has an scene where he interviews a suspect he just hit it out of the park everytime. He owns that police interrogation room, Eames just has to watch.

    Everything he has ever been in he just rocks at. But I just think he is the master of being the quirky detective. Can't believe NBC gave up on Criminal Intent
  • The "Actors Actor."

    So, I have been holding off on reviewing VDO for several reasons *Takes a deep breath* but here we go:

    I actually have not been a fan of him for very long *Sighs* Yes, I'm a 'noob' when it comes to 'knowing' him. I actually first saw him or recognized him in MIB. Of course, I didn't know who he was at the time until I saw LOCI. I never really liked CI and you know why? Because of his acting. I thought his character, Rober Goren, was weird. His talking was different and I was not a fan of it. Then one night I decided to read some CI fics vids anyone? So then, I started to get into the show more, slowly of course. After a month or so, I fell in love with his chracter. Not just his looks...of course him being sexy as hell; but the way he DOES talk. The way he uses his hands to express himself and the way he pauses at the points in a sentence where you wouldn't expect him to. He's outstanding. I've come to find the movie, The Velocity of Gary very hot as well *Pants* I haven't seen too many videos of his yet but I DO plan on watching Full Metal Jacket which I am aware of his lack of recognition for. =(
    I truely admire him, knowing that he doesn't and has stated that he will never being as high up as (quote) "Brad Pitt." I like how he doesn't want to be the star of everything. How he takes on a role. How he constantly stands by his philosophy of acting..."It's just acting."
    He IS truely amazing! I wish I could have a chance to meet him someday...
  • Best program all around, couldn't ask for a better cast, and excellent story lines.

    This character is superb! I love the way he get's into the minds of the people and then slowly get's the truth out of them. His gentle way and the unusual way that he sort of tilts his head to the side and speaks softly then zero's in on the main reason he is in their face. This man a great actor, with a super supporting cast to boot.. I love his acting, and he is so good looking what more could you ask for in such a great show? I hope this show never gets cancelled, I would be heartbroken.
  • Vincent D'Onofrio

    OK, Vincent is by far the best actor out there. He is very much underated and needs to be seen more. I am absolutely in love with this man's skills and looks. He is interesting, smart, handsome, and funny all wrapped into one man. I would love to meet him someday and tell him in person how much I admire him. I hope to see more of him in movies and television in the near future and for years to come. I hope directers and casting crews can see his full potenial and give him awesome roles. he deserves the best and nothing less.
  • he is just the best actor in this show and truly funny even if he does'nt mean to be.Would love to meet him in real life to see if he lives up to my expectations.Us in england don't get all the chance to meet these great actors and stars. From Kay

    I think Vincent is a superb actor especially in Law and order because he does and says such funny things. thats what keep me watching.some times he acts as if he is trying to be gay it's the way he talks to people it just amuses me.Hope he keeps doing the part for many more years to come,if he,s not in it i don't watch because it never is the same with other people in charge of the cases So please keep making the show for us in england to see. should be a whole day of Law and order.
  • empty

    Vincent D'Onofrio is a true actor. You really believe that he got into acting because he loves it for what it is. You'll never see him in any tabloids and you won't hear any gossip about him. In his roles, you sense more realism than many other actor's who are considered more talented than he. Of all of his roles in all of his movies, my favorite has to be "Full Metal Jacket."
  • mind-blowing

    Vincent D'Onofrio is one of the most incredible actors on television today. His talent is so great on the bigscreen as well as on the small screen, you always notice him. All of the characters he plays has so many dimentions, so many levels and depths. He can be a very frightning and insane man one minute, the next he can be vulnerable childlike.

    I first noticed his talent in the movie The Cell. It was a breath-taking performance, as have been his others in Full Metal Jacket, The Thirteenth Floor, Law & Order : Criminal Intent as well as many, many more...
  • Vincent D'Onofrio is one of those rare, great actors that so inhabits his characters that he seems to become them on the screen, from the way he delivers his lines to the expression in his eyes.

    He won my heart with his portrayal of that eccentric genius Detective Robert Goren in NBC's Law and Order: Criminal Intent. Interviews with the actor imply that the creators of the show convinced him to do the show in 2001 by promising him he'd really "get to act." This creative license led to a fascinating, three-dimensional character whose repertoire of peculiar mannerisms is well known by all his fans. There are few actors I have encountered that are able to deliver on screen the intense, raw energy of emotion that D'Onofrio is often called on to contribute to Criminal Intent, and I have long believed that it his talent that makes the show so great.
  • Detective Robert Goren goes from intense and scary one minute to vulnerable and self-sacrificing the next. The way Vincent D'Onofrio brings this character to life is incredible.

    I love Vincent D'Onofrio's character on Criminal Intent. Detective Robert Goren is brilliant, determined, and just tortured enough to stay interesting. The way his facial expressions change when he is interrogating a suspect or thinking over the timeline of a case is amazing. It wasn't until after I got into CI that I looked up D'Onofrio's bio and found that he'd been in a lot of movies that I love as well. He's Private Gomer Pyle in Full Metal Jacket, the bug-infected farmer in Men in Black, and, incredibly, Thor in Adventures in Babysitting! I would love for CI to go on forever, but I doubt if it will last more than another season or two. Hopefully we'll see D'Onofrio in more movies after the show is over.
  • Underrated and underappreciated

    Vincent D'Onofrio is my favorite actor of all time. His versatility and talent are what have dubbed him "The Chameleon." I look forward to every week he is on "Law and Order: Criminal Intent," and I eat up the reruns on USA and Bravo. When I was first introduced to the show, it was to my surprise that he's been in such movies as "The Cell," "Thumbsucker," and "Men In Black," to name just a few. This only goes to show how versatile he really is! Seeing him on the few talk show appearances he's made, I can see he is a humble and shy man, which is a rarity in Hollywood. We could use more actors like him, and I wish more people could see how wonderful he really is. I will remain a true fan!
  • One of the few actors whose entire oeuvre I seek out. Unfortunately, most is not readily available.

    This guy is great, I love watching him work. Not only is he dead sexy (6'4" and a Cancer? RAWR!) but his range is quite impressive. I think he can literally play ANYONE, though he is best as a disturbed, emotionally unavailable or just plain insane characters. He is just a natural.

    When it comes to D'Onofrio not being a bigger star I think that this is intentional. He is, after all, mainly a character actor. Most character actors never attain the spotlight because then they would lose the anonymity required to just "be" the character. I love watching him on Law and Order: Criminal Intent (he IS that show) but he also shines in film, The Whole Wide World being a prime example of this. Definitely someone to watch and also drool over.
  • Vincent a very talented actor that has totally been overlooked by Hollywood.I am so glad Law & Order recognized what I have know since the early days of watching his career...Vincent has that 'it' talent and charm that keep you wanting more.Love Him!

    Vincent has a unique way of making a character his own and making the audience firmly believe it exist. The endearing charm he brings to Goren is contagious and addictive. The diginity and mystery he brings to that character keeps you interested in what it might do next, how he will do it, and what he is thinking about a particular subject. It is all based on the crystal performances of Vincent. He is the best of the underrated stars...a real sleeper!
  • Mr. D'Onofrio is the heart of Criminal Intent. He has a talent that exeeds the average actor. I like Chris Noth, but without D'Onofrio, I will have to stop watching the show. God Bless Jerry Orbach. Another actor that made the show.

    If you take away Mr. D'Onofrio, you take away the engine that makes the show. When he bends over, you can tell that the crook is intimidated. Sorta like Columbo, when he keeps coming back to aske the bad guys another question. These are things that make a show work. Mr. D'Onofrio also has this keen ability to find a way to look around a suspect's house while a normal interview is going on. I hope that someday I could get an autographed photo from him. Keep the show. If enough people get a chance to see the program, the more viewers will come back.
  • Great actor, very versatile, deserves more parts in mainstream movies.

    Even before Detective Goren on CI, has given so many memorable performances and in many movies that have not been seen by the vast public. "The Whole Wide World" would certainly be the least appreciated and yet the best movie. Also, his guest performance on "Homicide: Life on the Streets-The Subway" episode was extremely moving. Probably best know for "Full Metal Jacket" which was an outstanding early performance, "Mystic Pizza" and "Men In Black", but people should take a look at other gems like "Good Luck" with Gregory Hines, the Independent movie, "Guy", and "Feeling Minnesota" with Keanu Reeves. He can do it all. Amazing and very underrated actor. Takes acting very seriously and it shows.
  • What would we do without him?

    I got into CI shortly after my mom made me sit down and watch and episode and I loved it so much i am now addicted to it. Mainly because of Vincent he is so great in his role as Bobby Goren and works great with Kathryn Erbe AKA Alex Eames. When he talks to someone on the show its not like boring and easy to zone out to, he is all jumpy and crazy which makes the show better. Vincent is great at being a neurotic genious which is what Bobby is, I love this show and if Vincent every left it I would have a really hard time watching it.
  • of all the great police shows in the world, I say this, Vincent D'Orofrio is the best in his role as Detective Goren, backed by a wonderful team of actors and Crew, The TV world needed a show like these series for years, Well done. everyone. especially y

    When Det. Goren first shows up on screen, I am alresdy assured that here is a detective who just knows what he is looking for, and he will leave no stone unturned in his persuance of the guilty. very ably assisted by his pretty and intelligent co-star Ms. Erby. they really do compliment each other, and should go on from where they are in this show, to even greater roles in the same vein.
    To review a show like the one I just watched here in England, I have to go with the flow of the way Vincent, leaves nothing to chance and goes \\\'softly softly, catchee monkey\\\' at all the suspects, in this episode of The Gift, there were not too many red herrings put in our way, for us to think about, I felt that the reporter, who was at the start of the show did not like the Camera man in his team, was a serious suspect, from the outset of this show, but almost as soon as my hero had dismissed him from his enquiring mind, so had I. I had the real culprit about the same time as Detective Goren, when I discovered that \\\'Julian\\\' had served time in Texas for Fraud, and had one of my happy moments, when Detective Goren had him all \\\'sussed out in the \\\'Interrogation Suite\\\' Well done to everyone involved in making such a great program for us all to actually look forward to, and enjoy, from the very moment it commences, to when the last note of music is played at its close.
    Terrestial Channel 5 Television in the UK, along with The Hallmark Channel, have been very good to all us UK American cop-show fans, in that, we get to see all these most excellent Law and Order shows, but my real gratitude goes out to the makers of all the shows I get to enjoy in the comfort of my own Television lounge, and a very grateful thankyou for the Star Quality that is Vincent D\\\'Onofrio, He really should have his own specialised cop show, even if he has to be a Private Investigator/Psychiatrist, come on pen pushers of the world, write Vincent into a series of shows, where his star quality will erradicate the need for studio lighting, Yes, He shines That Bright!!
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