Vincent Gallo





Buffalo, New York

Birth Name




Vincent Gallo was born on April 11 in 1963. He was born in Buffalo, New York, and was the son of Sicilian immigrants. Once he was older, Gallo began traveling around the globe. He decided to focus his talents on modeling and landed gigs, some with big names such as Calvin Klein. Gallo also became interested in acting, appearing in a role in Downtown 81 (1981). He landed a role in The Way It Is (1984), alongside Steve Buscemi and Rockets Redglare. As he honed his talents, Gallo accepted roles in more well-known films, such as Goodfellas and The Perez Family. In 1998, Gallo decided to take a role behind the camera, directing and starring in the film Buffalo '66 with Christina Ricci as his co-star. It was well-received and nominated for a "Best First Feature" title at the Independent Spirit Awards. In 2003, he again acted and starred in a movie, this one the controversial Brown Bunny. Gallo has also released a number of albums.