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  • Vincent Kartheiser in Mad Men

    Brilliant actor who made me hate, feel sorry for, like and even love character he played... . Actually part about "love" would be an exaggeration :)
  • He's a great actor but his character is a snide little prick in Mad Men.

    Not my favorite charachter because his idea of getting to the top is by blackmail, kissing ass and using other's misery to his advantage. Hopefully he'll find out it really doesn't pay to work this way. His wife is a real piece of work and he more than deserves the misery she puts him through. She crys, begs and whines to mommy and rich daddy because she wants the Manhattan apartment and now a baby. When he doesn't want to comply, she conveniently has an old boyfriend that is more than happy to take her back (what a sucker). Wifey pooh thinks Pete is infertile , not to worry though, she has no idea, Pete Campbell, is already the daddy of an illegitimate baby boy with Peggy Olson (former secretary of Don Draper).
  • He was amazing in Angel and is great in Mad Men

    He made the forth season of Angel for me and made Connor so interesting to watch. He did evil and slightly disturbed perfectly and not to be a girl, but his blue eyes are amazing. He may be slightly effeminate but he pulls it off so well and his the way he played Connor was genius. He was also amazing in the movie "The Unsaid" where he once again played a troubled youth with a dark past. He played mind games and it was great. And now in Mad Men he plays a whole new type of character and he does it well. He should be way more famous and can't wait to see him in more things.
  • He's been in Angel and was amazing. He's show his talent in other movies too... now he needs his own show.

    Vincent is talented. It's obvious. He's handsom and has that mysterious look that could land him a show alone! His looks and talent are more then enough. Vincent is a amazing actor and person. Read an interview or two and you get that he's not your average celeb. Fake IS NOT a word used to discribe him. Smart and real. That's what I get. Vincent has a lot that he could offer and he should be staring in a sci-fi drama right now! We've seen him as Conner, himself, and many other characters. But now he need to show off ALL his skills. Give him a show, give TV a meaning to be watched!
  • Played a great Rebel to Angel.

    Angel's baby little Connor, well not so little anymore, Angel and Darla have a baby and Angel is so attached to him, but later on Holtz, Angel's sworn enemy kidnapps little Connor and takes him to a hell dimension. Well Connor comes back and low and behold he is trained to kill Angel. Eventually things go good for Connor and he gets his memory removed, and starts a new life. Vincent did a good job at being a rebel. 9.3 out of 10 for him
  • And good at it!

    Vincent has a tendancy to play dramtic, angsty, and troubled characters. And he's quite good at it, too! Most actors would shy away from that being afraid of type casting. But he knows what works for him and he knows what he works best at. This has provided him oppurtunities to step out of the darker roles and do other lighter, if not different, parts.

    He is a talent.
  • Hey everybody I'm Maor Batashvili & I live in Israel .... I think that the part he played in "angel" as "Connor" rock's !!!

    Hey everybody I'm Maor Batashvili & I live in Israel .... I think that the part he played in "angel" as "Connor" rock's !!!
    if is watching i'll aprishiet if you will send me a respone to , I also think that you should do a spin-off off Connor... it will rock !!!
    almoust every day i'm late to the prear in the temple beacuse i'm watching angel and mostly beacuse of Connor... in Israel only this week started the 4th season !
  • A jummy surprise in Angel.

    When I first saw Vincent in Angel I was caught off guard and had to get used to this 18-year old Connor (but what a plot change!)

    When season 4 continued however I found myself quite happy with this new caracter on the show. I liked it that he said what he was thinking -mostly dark and depressing as everyone surely knows- it was a nice change from all the dancing around feelings which were not expressed.

    When I looked up what else Vincent had been doing, I found out that I had already seen one of his movies: Another day in Paradise. I rented it again and was amazed on how Icould have missed this! It's a good, tough, movie. I recommend it!

    Season four is my fevaorite of all the Angel's, because I can't stop laughing over the remarks Connor places (and how he looks!)

    "What's a zombie?" - Connor
    "It's an undead thing." - Angel
    "Like you?" - Connor
    "No! Zombies are slow-moving, dimwitted things that crave human flesh." - Angel
    "Like you." - Connor
    "NO! It's different, trust me!" - Angel
  • he is a great actor , most of you may know him from his part as connor in Angel.But he has done more wonderful thngs.

    he played in several familymovies sch as Heaven sent, alaska, liitle big league and one of my favourites Masterminds.
    In the last one he superbly portrays a young man who fights back when his school is siezed by terrorist because they want money from the executive from a milliondollar company whose daughter is attending the same school.
    vincents sister is played by katie stuart , if you want to get to know him , i highly recommend you watch this vincent kartheiser movie.

    His birthname is vincent paul kartheiser, but he is mostly referred to as vincent or vinnie (his nickname).
    he trained in martial arts in preparation for the part of Connor on TV show 'Angel'.