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  • A jummy surprise in Angel.

    When I first saw Vincent in Angel I was caught off guard and had to get used to this 18-year old Connor (but what a plot change!)

    When season 4 continued however I found myself quite happy with this new caracter on the show. I liked it that he said what he was thinking -mostly dark and depressing as everyone surely knows- it was a nice change from all the dancing around feelings which were not expressed.

    When I looked up what else Vincent had been doing, I found out that I had already seen one of his movies: Another day in Paradise. I rented it again and was amazed on how Icould have missed this! It's a good, tough, movie. I recommend it!

    Season four is my fevaorite of all the Angel's, because I can't stop laughing over the remarks Connor places (and how he looks!)

    "What's a zombie?" - Connor
    "It's an undead thing." - Angel
    "Like you?" - Connor
    "No! Zombies are slow-moving, dimwitted things that crave human flesh." - Angel
    "Like you." - Connor
    "NO! It's different, trust me!" - Angel