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  • He's a great actor but his character is a snide little prick in Mad Men.

    Not my favorite charachter because his idea of getting to the top is by blackmail, kissing ass and using other's misery to his advantage. Hopefully he'll find out it really doesn't pay to work this way. His wife is a real piece of work and he more than deserves the misery she puts him through. She crys, begs and whines to mommy and rich daddy because she wants the Manhattan apartment and now a baby. When he doesn't want to comply, she conveniently has an old boyfriend that is more than happy to take her back (what a sucker). Wifey pooh thinks Pete is infertile , not to worry though, she has no idea, Pete Campbell, is already the daddy of an illegitimate baby boy with Peggy Olson (former secretary of Don Draper).