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    • Vincent: I like The Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Jackson Browne, Elton John, the Eagles -- I like a lot of different bands. They're pretty much my inspiration for music. That's the music that taught me what I know.

    • Vincent: I don't really collect anything, but one of my favorite trinkets I've gotten from all time is from my first national ad commercial with Arbor Hotdogs and I got to play ball with Roger Clemens, Alex Rodriquez and Roberto Alimar -- I got a signed ball from each of them.

    • Vincent: Everybody's different, and we all have to learn to accept each other just the way we are.

    • Vincent: I'd like to have a role that shows all different sides of me. I play piano and I sing, so I'd like to be in a movie where I can portray all those things.

    • Vincent: (about what he looks for in a girl) I think they have to have a great personality and understand my situation. I'm not going to have time for a million social activities like go to the movies every Friday night. She has to be someone who is very understanding, very caring and very nice. She can't be totally mean and outrageous, I don't like that.

    • Vincent: You always have to have a back-up plan. If, in the event that acting doesn't work out, I could be a doctor because that's another way of helping somebody. If you have a good mind and you're willing to use that mind for good things, you should do that.

    • Vincent: (about working with Chris Rock) It's great -- you get to see a different part of him, a different side, a professional side. He's very, very professional at times and then when he gets on stage, he knows how to really turn it on. When you're around him, you can really feel the warmth in the room, he really knows how to control a whole area.