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  • One of The Best Names in Horror

    Vincent Price is one of the most dedicated actors in the horror genre appearing in tons of movies in the horror genre, though he has appeared in non horror films as well.

    He had also done voice work and is best known for being Professor Ratigan for the Great Mouse Detective. His voicing of Ratigan made Ratigan a very threatening villain, yet also have a comical side.

    His voice is very haunting and I get chills just hearing his voice.
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    This guy has won awards and has a star on the walk of fame, but is not a five star actor. He will be a legend of the horror genre however. I remember him best in the Michael Jackson Thriller song/video. His voice is what will carry him on not necessarily his acting. The acting, for me in his time period, is very comical. The incredible visuals now and different style of acting today will have the younger crowd likely not become wowed as when it was fresh out.
  • In addtion to having the creepiest voice ever, Vincent Price was also an astounding actor. He was very mysterious and always stood out in whatever movie he was in. His acting was flawless and he contributed so much to the world of film. An early acting

    Wow. He's my idol. I wish I had met him when he was still alive. I haven't seen a single movie, TV show, etc. in which he does a subpar acting job. Of course he's been in bad movies, but he just makes them less bad. Most of his roles were that of someone either evil or mysterious. He was in over 100 movies, and was a very dedicated actor unlike actors nowadays. His presence was huge; he could scare anyone with his voice and intonations, not to mention his eerie laugh. Some examples of his most excellent work: "The Last Man on Earth," "The House on Haunted Hill," and "Scooby Doo and the 13 Ghosts." Vincent Price has most definitely made movies and television more enjoyable media over the last countless decades and his work will hopefully be appreciated for many years to come.
  • One of the best!

    I know that the classification "One of the All-time Greats" get a little overused on this website for the more cheesy little known "celebrities," but Vincent most definitely deserves to be listed as one.

    I can only think of a handful of actors from the horror/suspense genre that has made as much of an impact on films or pop culture as Vincent Price has. He was a wonderfully talented man. But he was also very cultured, intelligent, kind, and a noted gentleman.

    He will always remain as one of my all time favourites, and I truly miss him and his work.
  • Truly a class act. A master of many talents. I smile when I think about him and his many performances.

    Vincent Price was a master of many talents but he
    was never a snob. He was a gentleman, a scholar and
    lover of the finer things in life. He enjoyed a good
    laugh and was just one of the guys as well.
    One of my favorite roles for him was in the film
    Laura. He was smarmy yet I liked the character in
    spite of his many flaws.
    Kudos to you Vincent.

  • Vincent Price, gone but definitely not forgotten.

    I first fell in love with Vincent Price when I was 15 years old. Around that time, I had begun to like the Disney movie "The Great Mouse Detective", where he played Professor Ratigan (who, IMO, is the coolest movie villain EVER!).

    Vincy's role in GMD, of course, led me on a wonderful craze about him...a craze which I follow to this very day.

    Vincent Price isn't just a great voice actor, he's also one of the greatest horror movie actors ever.

    We should have a national holiday for him--May 27, Vincent Price Day.

    The Master Of Macabre would have loved to have a day for him...because he so deserves it, after all he's done for the world of entertainment...

    R.I.P. Vincent Price. You may be gone, but you're definitely not forgotten.