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    • Vincent: I like television. The great thing about television is that it's a story that's sustained. There's something challenging about finding a new take on something every week and revealing something different and moving the story along.

    • (About 'The Invisible Man')
      Vincent: I love this job. As an actor, a lot of times you get stuck on jobs that you're not that crazy about, but I hope this show goes forever.

    • Vincent: I love Indiana, a beautiful, beautiful state, but there isn't a whole lot of opportunity for actors there. But the funny thing is thinking about what would have happened if I had been a little bit better at playing basketball. I'm sure I wouldn't have been an actor today.

    • (His idea of a dream project)
      Vincent: Dream project? Make a movie of The Invisible Man. And have like Christopher Walken be the bad guy or someone like that. Or how about John Malkovich be the bad guy?

    • Vincent: My son brings me a new level of joy each day. It's like I learned how to truly smile for the first time.