Vinnie Jones

Vinnie Jones


1/5/1965, Watford, Hertfordshire, England, UK

Birth Name

Vincent Peter Jones



Also Known As

Vinny Jones
  • Vinnie Jones as Scales on The Cape.
  • Vinnie Jones joins Celebrity Big Brother...
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Vinnie Jones was born in Watford, England on January 5th 1965. He first came to public notice as a professional footballer, playing in the English Football League. Noted as one of soccer's hard men, he leaped to fame when a photographer at a match snapped him "marking" Newcastle…more


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    • Vinnie Jones: Oh right lads, you wanna be nothing, prisoners... numbers... that's fine But you win out there today and you'll have something to remember forever, talk about it over and over, because up and down the country there are cons that are pig sick of not being here in your shoes... just to have one crack at those bastards next door!

    • Vinnie Jones: Puffy faces, beer bellies - I can't afford to go that way. For the parts I play I've got to look respectable, lean and mean.

    • Vinnie Jones: I've always felt that people put me down, and I'd fight back. I played football 15 years, and nobody gave me any credit, and they never will do.

    • Vinnie Jones: [The critics] say that about every film - that it will be my last one. My next one, in Australia, will be my 30th.

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    He plays the crazy, badass characters very well. He was very cool as "The Sphinx" in "Gone In Sixty Seconds". And as the crazed soccer fan in "Eurotrip".
  • Why give him a show? I'll tell you.

    A simple football thug who plays only hardmen. An easy mistake to make but Vinnie is so much more than that. He is an intriguing actor who does like to play similar roles yet he does it in a manner of different ways which always delights me and many others. What must be said to people who dislike actors playing similar roles is that he has found a style which suits him yet also allows him to act in a wide range of films from comedy (She's The Man) to comic action (X-Men 3). To think he started out as an average footballer and to go on and acheive a film career, quite a feat for a man best known to the EPL as the guy who grabbed Gazza by the balls!moreless