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  • A fake

    I don't believe this woman had any ability that Ramsay was claiming. She was a reality star and nothing more.
  • The blonde bombshell of Hell's Kitchen!

    Virginia Dalbeck is one of those stereotypically ditsy blonde girls that usually wind up on some sort of reality show. She's a voluptuous, beautiful woman who is talented in the kitchen and adds a much needed sense of glamour to cooking scene. In Hell's Kitchen, she went up against 11 other chefs for a chance to become the Head Chef at Las Vegas' Red Rock Casino. She continued throughout the show to becoming one of the final two chefs against one of her most fierce and talented competitors, Heather West. Alhough there has been some speculation, among some watchers of the show, pertaining to her success on the series relating to a false rumor of a "behind the scenes" interaction with the host of the show, Gordon Ramsey, it has not actually been proven. Virginia lost the final challenge on the show, but has mover on with the rest her culinary journey.